Note to My­self Six Months Ago, Or, Queer Brown Love Is a Magic Rain­bow Fuck Uni­corn Worth Wait­ing For


One day real soon, baby­girl, you’re go­ing to have a brown femme lover who, when they take you home to their dead grandma’s house they have the key to in Elmhurst, Queens on your third date, you’re gonna no­tice they have co­conut, ar­gan, cas­tor oil and shea but­ter on the dresser.

Plus a big thing of Mixed Chicks leave-in con­di­tioner.

The sixty-four ounce the beauty sup­ply spe­cial.

They’re go­ing to be like, baby, do you want me to rub co­conut oil on your ass?

You’re gonna think back to your last white ex who used to al­ways be like, god, your hair’s so craaaaazy in the morn­ing!

You’re gonna think, that will never hap­pen again.

You’re gonna think, this is jus­tice.

You’re gonna say, yes, baby oh yes.

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