scraped by reef

I swim a choppy length to prove some­thing to some­one

emerge sting­ing on the shore like the flow­ers in H.D.’s Sea Gar­den

Bry­her rose from money to keep H.D. afloat cra­dled her mer­cu­rial is­lands

on Corfu they watched a se­ries of hal­lu­ci­na­tory pic­tures on a wall

I took my lover to Mon­tréal with in­her­ited Aero­plan points and left them by the river

I’m sorry that for our fi­nal act

I tried to an­a­lyze Justin Bieber’s video for “Sorry”

but enough about chick and hare and our old town square Pom­peii has some­thing to teach us

though af­ter two hun­dred pages of dis­ser­ta­tion

I for­get what

by the ocean I shed my skins and steam with rain and swear I’m go­ing to learn about fire

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