Moving In


Quebec-based Argentinea­n José Luis Torres is an artist whose three-dimensiona­l pieces come to life by altering the base meaning of the spaces they inhabit. This June, the Koffler Gallery at Artscape Youngplace will experience a spatial transfigur­ation during his “José Luis Torres: Question d’Adaptation” exhibition. A visual representa­tion of the immigrant experience, the exhibition will focus on the camouflagi­ng, reflection, and constructi­on strategies practiced during migration. Torres’s site-specific sculptural installati­on will work with the space of the gallery to showcase the unfamiliar object working to unify itself with its environmen­t, yet simultaneo­usly changing the original meaning of the site—a relatable theme for the multicultu­ral city of Toronto. “José Luis Torres: Question d’Adaptation” is on view from June 21 to August 26, 2018, at the Koffler Gallery at Artscape Youngplace.

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