How to or­ga­nize your bed­room for bet­ter sleep

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If you have trou­ble wind­ing down at night, your bed­room may be part of the prob­lem. Here are four tips on how to or­ga­nize your bed­room to achieve op­ti­mal sleep.

1. In­vest in your bed. Don’t skimp when it comes to the qual­ity of your mat­tress — your com­fort di­rectly af­fects the qual­ity of your sleep. If your mat­tress is over seven years old, shows signs of wear or sim­ply doesn’t feel com­fort­able, it’s time to in­vest in a new one. You should also se­lect qual­ity bed­ding; choose sheets with high thread counts made from ma­te­ri­als like Egyp­tian cot­ton or satin.

2. Pay at­ten­tion to light­ing. Dark­ness is vi­tal for al­low­ing your body to go into sleep mode. Make sure your cur­tains and blinds ad­e­quately block out nat­u­ral light (buy blackout cur­tains if nec­es­sary) and choose light bulbs with lower wattages.

3. Get rid of clut­ter. A clut­tered bed­room can cre­ate anx­ious­ness so it’s there­fore best to keep your room well or­ga­nized and ac­ces- sories to a min­i­mum. Don’t for­get that your bed should be the fo­cal point of the room.

4. Limit elec­tron­ics. Elec­tronic screens emit a blue light that can keep you awake. Avoid plac­ing a TV in your bed­room and con­sider charg­ing your phone in a closed drawer when try­ing to sleep.

One fi­nal tip: if you reg­u­larly strug­gle with sleep, think about get­ting an air pu­ri­fier for your bed­room. Not only do they make it eas­ier to breathe, but they also cre­ate white noise that blocks out dis­rup­tive sounds.

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