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Control insanity on roads


Every day I watch children stop at marked crosswalks, look both ways and, if no vehicles are coming, run for their lives to get across the street. They have to. This is Saskatoon.

I remind drivers that they must yield to a pedestrian already crossing at any intersecti­on. That is the law. So is stopping at every red light, even if you are turning right.

The front bumpers of many trucks and SUVs built today line up with my head when I drive my Honda Civic. If I get Tboned by one, I die. Our government­s do not seem to be bothered by this anarchy in automotive design and the resulting lack of safety.

Even though we get countless letters to the editor and observatio­ns by successive chiefs of police about how bad driving in Saskatoon is, they go virtually unacknowle­dged by our civic government.

Please folks, enough with the insane driving. If you can’t follow the simple rules of the road, don’t get behind the wheel.

I know a lot of individual­s who have been maimed or killed in traffic because of the poor attitude toward driving in this city and province. From the lack of action by all three levels of government, it’s obvious they just don’t care.

People who do care should get on their politician­s’ case and demand better traffic enforcemen­t and frequent testing to improve drivers’ attitudes. It’s your neck or your child’s that might be saved.

Remember, patience is rule No. 1 of defensive driving.

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