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Sexism prevails at RCMP


Growing up, I was always impressed with the RCMP, a proud organizati­on that seemed beyond reproach.

I still feel this way, with the dangers these officers face. Officers bravely go out to fulfil their duties and some have even given up their lives. For this, Canadians are proud and grateful.

However, some actions of the RCMP leadership have put a black mark on the force’s image.

I read recently that a panel of RCMP officers has concluded it does not have jurisdicti­on to deal with a constable’s complaint of sexual harassment.

The complaint was made in 2004, after Const. Laura Lehne was posted to the Buffalo Narrows detachment. The inquiry determined that the former head of the RCMP Saskatchew­an, Darrell McFadyen, missed by one month a deadline to file papers on the case.

Wow. Three and a half years and the RCMP does not believe this complaint is important enough to get dealt with in a timely fashion? What is worse is that no one in the RCMP was held accountabl­e for this.

The RCMP’s senior managers want us to believe they would have liked to have seen this case resolved with both parties having an opportunit­y to provide their side of the story. I find this hard to believe, after the complaint was held up for so long.

Where is the rights for women here? I suggest that the federal government look at making these “leaders” more accountabl­e for their actions.

The RCMP, women and all Canadians deserve better accountabi­lity.

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