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Course seems obvious


Re: Dozens of Sask. residents out millions in ‘horrendous case’ (SP, April 7). I was dumbfounde­d to read in this article: “The panel, chaired by lawyer William Ready, is being asked to decide if Link should be ordered to permanentl­y cease trading in all securities and also pay compensati­on.” What a no-brainer! How can a person who is alleged to have committed such an egregious breach of trust be permitted ever again to manage another’s financial affairs?

It only goes to show that the person who said it’s easier to steal with a briefcase than with a gun had some insight into how easy it is to gain people’s trust, and then just as readily misplace it. Unfortunat­ely, in most instances, it’s at unspeakabl­e costs to the unwitting victims.

So much for regulated industries. Two centuries or more ago, such miscreants would have been tarred and feathered.

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