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Rock concert won’t have Riders rolling in dough

- By Murray McCormick

REGINA — The role of the Saskatchew­an Roughrider­s in the AC/DC concert on Aug. 24 will be less than in 2006 when the Rolling Stones played two sell-out shows at Mosaic Stadium.

Back then, the Riders’ season-ticket holders were allowed to purchase tickets for the Rolling Stones in advance of the Thanksgivi­ng weekend shows. That isn’t taking place this year.

“The opportunit­y didn’t work out this time because there are different promoters, a different group and a different set of circumstan­ces,” said Jim Hopson, president and CEO of the Roughrider­s. “If it could have worked out we would have been happy to be involved. The event will go ahead and it will be very successful.”

The Roughrider­s may assist with concession­s because of their local expertise in that area. The Riders also looked after the merchandis­e sales for the Rolling Stones’ concert, which Hopson said was a successful venture for the team.

“We’ve been approached but I don’t get the sense that it will be the same with AC/DC,” said Hopson. “I’ve been told it will be a sellout but I don’t know if we’ll see the same sort of merchandis­e sales (as with the Rolling Stones).”

Tickets for the concert go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. The concert, one of four in Western Canada by the Australian rock band, is expected to draw 38,000 spectators in Regina.

Hopson said no decision has been reached regarding the installati­on of additional seats for the 2009 season, which could help with the seating for the AC/DC concert. Temporary seats were installed in the south west end zone halfway through the 2008 season, which increased seating at Mosaic Stadium from 28,800 to 30,945.

“We do have to make a decision on that pretty quickly,” said Hopson. “We’re busy analyzing the pros and cons. If we did bring them in, I would like to have them for the whole season and that way we have them set up right. If we do bring them in, they are certainly interested in selling them.”

Hopson feels that the AC/DC concert is good for the city and an ongoing bid to build a new stadium.

The Roughrider­s shouldn’t be too inconve- nienced by the concert because they play in Montreal against the Alouettes on Aug. 21. They are off until Sept. 6 when they play host to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Meanwhile, the Roughrider­s have signed import defensive lineman Gabe Nyenhuis. Financial terms were not released but Nyenhuis signed for one year and an option.

Nyenhuis (6-foot-4 and 275 pounds) spent the past two seasons with the AFL’s Philadelph­ia Soul where he recorded 42 defensive tackles and 12 ⁄ sacks. Prior to joining the Soul, Nyenhuis spent three seasons with the NFL’s Indianapol­is Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonvil­le Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks.

Nyenhuis is a product of the University of Colorado where he played 25 games over two seasons with the Buffaloes. Nyenhuis recorded 85 tackles, eight sacks and 24 tackles for a loss.

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