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Few things in life are certain, but here is one: Play hockey long enough, and for enough bad teams, and you are going to lose a lot of games. Eventually they pile up, and whenToront­o Maple Leafs goaltender Curtis Joseph lost to the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 last week,he tied Gump Worsley for most losses in NHL history: 454.Maple Leafs teammate Brad May, sounding like the losing is starting to have a numbing effect all around, called Joseph’s tying the record “pretty neat.” “It’s not neat that he’s got the most losses,” May told theAssocia­ted Press,“but think about how many games he’s played. You know what? Cecil Fielder hit the most home runs one year,if I’m not mistaken, and he had the most strikeouts too. Wayne Gretzky had the most giveaways one year, and he had the most assists in the league.The bottom line is nothing ventured, nothing gained. Curtis has been an incredible goaltender.” Joseph did his best to shrug off No. 454.“There’s too many good things in my life for me to even think about losses,” he said.

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