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Hearing Aid Plan is unmatched


The Hearing Aid Plan services the majority of children with hearing loss in the province and provides excellent testing by trained audiologis­ts who understand the educationa­l and linguistic needs of their young clients. The staff have developed strong relationsh­ips with students, parents, teachers of the hearing impaired, speech pathologis­ts, classroom teachers, doctors and the cochlear implant team.

This team approach has produced programs that are respected around the world. Often they are the first qualified profession­al a child with mild, moderate or fluctuatin­g loss meets.

They work closely with aiding children from newborns to young adults and are part of an unofficial “team” whose goal is to provide access to the hearing world for children with a hearing loss.

This is time-consuming work which a private clinic can’t duplicate.

You don’t just fit a deaf child with a hearing aid and send him on his way.

The aid is the first step in a long journey to acquire language.

He may need many different devices at school and several aids or set of aids during his educationa­l life.

He will need lots of repairs, replacemen­ts and close monitoring.

The H.A.P. does most repairs without charge and provides loaner aids so no child goes without amplificat­ion for even a day. No private clinic does this.

This closure will rob these children and young people of experience­d delivery of amplificat­ion at an affordable cost and set back programs for those with hearing loss for years.

Barbara Scott, Saskatoon

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