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Millions spent on STC in recent years


How do you define incompeten­ce?

Consider this: Spend over $3 million buying buses and upgrading assets for the Saskatchew­an Transporta­tion Company (STC) in 2016, and then shut it down in 2017.

That’s right. The Sask. Party government authorized spending $605,000 on new buses and $2.4 million on an upgrade to the Regina maintenanc­e facility in the 2016 fiscal year. The year before that, it purchased four full-sized passenger coaches and four trailers.

This ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money meets my definition of incompeten­ce. But, even more concerning is that government will no doubt sell off the assets from our provincial bus company, the one that has served Saskatchew­an rural communitie­s for 70 years, to private businesses at fire-sale prices.

No doubt this is a textbook case of incompeten­ce, but also says a lot about who benefits and who loses at the hands of the Sask. Party and this year’s provincial budget. Sid Wonitowy, Yorkton

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