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KATHMANDU, NEPAL A Taiwanese trekker who was rescued after 47 days on a mountain in Nepal celebrated his 21st birthday at a hospital in the capital on Friday.

A happy Liang Shengyueh cut chocolate cakes in his hospital room in Kathmandu, where hospital staff and a government minister sang “Happy Birthday.” Doctors fed him pieces of cake.

“Thank you very much everyone for taking care of me,” Liang said. “I am sorry to make you worried.”

Liang was rescued on Wednesday, but his girlfriend died just three days before the two were discovered near a waterfall.

They were on a trek and were caught in a snowstorm in March and lost their way. They appeared to have followed a river hoping to find a village, but slipped and fell over a waterfall. They landed on a ledge and were unable to climb down. The area is at an altitude of 8,520 feet.

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