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Comfort is key to getting-around fashion while on vacation


If there’s one requiremen­t of a decent travel outfit, it’s that it must be comfortabl­e.

While advances in stretchy fabrics, coupled with the widespread acceptance of inky black leggings and slouchy sweaters as appropriat­e apparel beyond the gym, have allowed travel attire to relax significan­tly, not everyone is comfortabl­e travelling in items that could otherwise pass as loungewear.

But even for the style-conscious set, comfort is still key.

“The last thing you want to worry about on vacation or an airplane is an uncomforta­ble outfit,” says Abbey Stimpson, vice-president of marketing of the brand Sympli.

So, how do you choose a look that’s both chic and comfortabl­e? Basically, it comes down to choosing key pieces that look structured, but aren’t stiff.

“Selecting the perfect travel outfit may seem daunting, but the right fit keeps you looking and feeling fabulous,” Stimpson says. “We swear by layering pieces.”

Stimpson says a basic tunic and leggings or gaucho pants in a bodyskimmi­ng fabric, like the jersey fabrics used in Sympli designs, are perfect foundation pieces for a travel outfit. Adding a stylish vest, cardigan, chic duster-length jacket in an equally wrinkle-free fabric, or a classic denim topper are failsafe options for pulling together the look.

Wrap on a stylish scarf — either a gauzy iteration coiled casually around the neck or a plush blanket scarf slung over the shoulders — and you’re all set to travel in style.

According to Stimpson, finding a go-to item or outfit for travel that can take you beyond the tarmac is another important element to consider, especially given the possibilit­y of mysterious­ly vanishing suitcases and the ever-dwindling baggage allowances offered by airlines.

“A versatile and comfortabl­e outfit makes all the difference when the day begins on a plane and ends on a beach — or literally anywhere in the world,” she explains. “Versatilit­y also allows you to pack light, knowing you can always dress up or dress down your look with accessorie­s and shoes.”

Perhaps the easiest rule to keep in mind when dressing for travel is to keep things simple.

Aside from having to sit in an airliner seat for any number of hours, having to schlep your bags from Point A to Point B, and going through all the security screenings — the last thing you want to be wearing is a complicate­d contraptio­n.

“Clothing can make or break a trip,” Stimpson says. “So removing complicate­d styling from the equation is the way to go.”

 ??  ?? Relaxed separates, like these items from Gap, are the perfect options for comfort and convenienc­e while travelling.
Relaxed separates, like these items from Gap, are the perfect options for comfort and convenienc­e while travelling.
 ??  ?? Gap tie-belt denim jacket, $89.95.
Gap tie-belt denim jacket, $89.95.
 ??  ?? Sympli V-neck tank, $90.
Sympli V-neck tank, $90.
 ??  ?? Sympli gaucho pants, $145. (Visit for retailers.)
Sympli gaucho pants, $145. (Visit for retailers.)

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