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Asquith man jailed for child porn, voyeurism

- BRE MCADAM breezybrem­c

A woman's discovery of 104 pictures of herself on an Asquith man's phone — naked, sleeping and taken without her knowledge — also revealed the man's hidden child pornograph­y collection.

This week, a Saskatoon provincial courtroom heard Elmir Drincic had nearly 500 images of child porn on his phone, involving the abuse of children who were mostly under eight years old, when the woman reported him to police in November 2020.

There were also three videos, including two of “investigat­ive interest” that showed babies being breastfed, Crown prosecutor Linh Lê said.

Drincic, 24, received a 14-month jail sentence followed by a threeyear probation order after pleading guilty to voyeurism and possessing child porn.

“I'm scared he's done what he did to me to other girls and women,” the victim wrote in her impact statement.

“I think I'll be affected by those videos on his phone and these memories for the rest of my life. ”

Court heard it was Drincic's first criminal conviction.

Defence lawyer Mike Buchinski said his client is extremely remorseful.

“It's clear the charges had a profound impact on his life, and has set him on a corrected course moving forward,” he said.

Court heard Drincic moved with his family from Bosnia to Saskatchew­an in 2003 and was taking classes at Saskatchew­an Polytechni­c at the time of his arrest.

His lack of a prior criminal record, potential for rehabilita­tion and acceptance of responsibi­lity were considered when crafting the joint submission, which Judge Morris Baniak accepted, Buchinski said.

The impact on Drincic's victim, who said she is afraid of him despite having a restrainin­g order, was also considered.

“I was terrified of what might happen to me and/or my family if I reported him,” she wrote.

“I wasn't sure how to process what had happened and I still relive and try to process it to this day.”

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