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- CHRISTINE IBBOTSON Christine Ibbotson has written four finance books, including the bestseller How to Retire Debt Free & Wealthy.

One of my closest friends has never owned a home, always lived very poorly and feels that she's never had any luck in her life. She looks at others and wonders why they have more than her, and yet, does nothing to try to improve her situation. It's a very sad situation.

Now I know I'll get many emails from readers who will disagree. But before you send me those emails, let's be honest. Sometimes hard times do set you back in life, and the longer you live, the more things you have to deal with and overcome. Let's face it, though, the one thing that's truly holding you back from reaching your ideal financial future is not your current situation, your past, or even this pandemic — it's YOU!

You need to believe you're worth more, and stop believing you can't attain more out of life. Holding yourself back is the worst thing you could ever do.

Whether you're working or now retired, it doesn't matter — everyone has a unique and very personal vision of what they wish for their life. It may not be the typical dream of wealth and power. It could be a wish for a better relationsh­ip with a friend or loved one, for the ability to help others in a profound and thoughtful way, for a healthier lifestyle, for a career move, or even a full on, life-altering change. Whatever your wish is, now is the time to begin to work toward your new future.

Everyone needs an easy to maintain and realistic long-term strategy to become happier, wealthier and more successful. Our natural instinct is to keep doing what we have always done and what's familiar. We all do this, not just with our finances, but in our personal lives, as well.

The fastest way for you to create more wealth and to be happier is to believe in your ability to earn more and do more. If that means you have to get a second job, go back to school or change careers and get a better paying position — then do it. If you need to downsize your home to lower your debt burden, lower your expenses to save more — then do it.

All that's required is that you shift your mind toward believing. Disregard the inevitable setbacks and obstacles that you will have to overcome. Just keep going until you succeed.

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