LET­TERS TO ED­I­TOR Feral cats No euthana­sia for roam­ing cats!

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Dear Ed­i­tor, In­deed a topic but let’s not pretty it Mr. B.F. Wells. Euth­a­nize means “kill” all the feral cats a point not felt by all com­mu­nity mem­bers. This week in­deed I had to com­pas­sion­ately euth­a­nize a cat due to age and illness, a void in my heart now griev­ing his loss as many pet own­ers have to face in life one day. All money spent in the last cou­ple months to ex­tend his life worth it com­pared to the laugh­ter and joy this cat brought to my life.

Here’s the part of the story Mr. B.F. Wells and oth­ers that look upon feral cats as dis­pos­able. My beloved friend in­deed came through Corn­wall’s 2009 Catch and Re­lease pro­gram. Yes, that’s right. I res­cued this scared lonely cat from the streets. How you know of his catch and re­lease was the vet ex­plained the notch cut in his ear. So to Mr. B.F. Wells and City Coun­cil­lors, I ask where has any com­pas­sion gone? Maybe the an­swer lies be­tween com­bined ef­forts of low cost spay and neuter, com­mu­nity fundrais­ing rais­ing and catch and re­lease pro­gram. Ev­ery cat de­serves a lov­ing home!!

In lov­ing mem­ory of Char­lie. Dear Ed­i­tor, I want to start off by say­ing - Mr F. from Riverdale. Are we be­ing told the whole story? I’ve trapped and picked up in car­ri­ers 75 cats in 3 years and have not had one bad in­ci­dent!

And Mr. Wells - Euthana­sia is not the an­swer for the feral cat prob­lem. You would be open­ing up a can of worms.

First find out the facts what Roy and Chers Res­cue Farm have been do­ing in Corn­wall about the feral cats. And find out what the peo­ple of Corn­wall are telling us. It’s not the cats fault that they are on our streets. We are the ones that have failed them. And we have to fig­ure out as a com­mu­nity what is the so­lu­tion. With a pos­i­tive ap­proach. And that means no name call­ing Mr. Wells.

There are only 3 peo­ple from Roy and Chers who are deal­ing with this situation in Corn­wall. We vol­un­teer our time and gas. And we work very hard. I could not just sit around and do noth­ing.

I would like to see the peo­ple of Corn­wall get in­volved. Either in fundrais­ing, at­tend­ing City coun­cil meet­ings or ac­tu­ally the trap­ping as­pect. Un­til the City does the right thing, we can all come to­gether! Even the cat haters!

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