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To the Ed­i­tor My rant for to­day and if you are of­fended by this, good. That just means you’re part of the prob­lem!

To the greedy land own­ers of North Stor­mont.

Thank you for al­low­ing the hos­tile takeover of our Town­ship by the for­eign com­pa­nies driv­ing the Na­tion Rise Wind Tur­bine project. The money they make will not be stay­ing in Canada.

So be­cause you can’t see past the dol­lar signs we will all di­rectly suf­fer from these tur­bines.

Have you con­sid­ered the costs as­so­ci­ated with it?

The fact that we are on a ma­jor mi­gra­tion route. The en­dan­gered and threat­ened species in the area. The dam­age to well wa­ter. The dam­age to peo­ple’s health. The noise emit­ted. These aren’t small wind­mills that you can’t see be­cause of the trees. These wind tur­bines are huge, can be seen for miles and they are us­ing old data to push this project through.

This is a list of en­dan­gered or threat­ened species in On­tario that I have en­coun­tered here in East­ern On­tario, in the same area that they now plan to put up these wind tur­bines and there are a lot more species at risk on the list. Log­ger­head Shrike Gypsy Cuckoo Bum­ble­bee Short eared Owl Golden Ea­gle Bald Ea­gle Yel­low Rail Monarch But­ter­fly East­ern Bobalink East­ern Meadow Lark Bank Swal­low Barn Swal­low Then there are the reg­u­lar mi­gra­tory birds, year round birds, bats, bees etc, which will be in dan­ger.

Then there is the loss of en­joy­ment of prop­erty.

I don’t want to hear, see or feel these tur­bines.

Prop­erty value is di­rectly af­fected, but that doesn’t mat­ter to greedy land own­ers.

You are de­stroy­ing a nice, quiet and beau­ti­ful Town­ship with your greed!

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