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A young woman brought her fi­ancé home to meet her par­ents. Af­ter din­ner, her mother told the girl’s fa­ther to find out about the young man. The fa­ther in­vited the fi­ancé to the liv­ing room for a talk.

“So, what are your plans?” the fa­ther asked the young man. “I am a bib­li­cal scholar,” he replied. “A bib­li­cal scholar, hmmm?” the fa­ther said. “Ad­mirable, but what will you do to pro­vide a nice house for my daugh­ter to live in?”

“I will study,” the young man replied, “and God will pro­vide for us.”

“And how will you buy her a beau­ti­ful en­gage­ment ring, such as she de­serves?” asked the fa­ther.

“I will con­cen­trate on my stud­ies,” the young man replied, “God will pro­vide for us.”

“And chil­dren?” asked the fa­ther. “How will you sup­port chil­dren?”

“Don’t worry, sir, God will pro­vide,” replied the fi­ancé.

The con­ver­sa­tion pro­ceeded like that ... each time the young ide­al­ist in­sisted that God would pro­vide.

Later, the mother asked, “How did your talk go, honey?”

The fa­ther an­swered, “An­other Demo­crat, he has no job, he has no plans, and he thinks I’m God.”

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