Yukon was a hoot!

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It takes a lot of trust to give the keys to your shiny new Toy­ota Ta­coma pickup to a com­plete stranger. How­ever, that pales in com­par­i­son to the woman who sur­ren­dered her car keys and her eleven-week-old New­found­land pup to a guy she met only an hour ear­lier.

Her name was Michelle. Yukon, her big, cud­dly, lov­able, male New­found­land pup couldn’t ac­com­pany her in the 15-mile ca­noe race that was about to take place. Why did I al­most in­stantly garner her trust? Per­haps it was be­cause we were both pad­dlers. More likely it was the fact that the pup trusted me when I went flat on my belly di­rectly in front of him. At first, he just cocked his head in puz­zle­ment. No growl. Then I talked softly to him. He lis­tened. I ex­tended my hand. He put his hand on top of it. We were in­stant bud­dies.

It was love at first sight. Af­ter the race, with con­sid­er­able re­gret, I sur­ren­dered the pup to Michelle. “If you’re ever in our area and you need a baby sit­ter for him for a day - or a week, I’m avail­able.”

Pic­ture this: a 105-pound woman trav­el­ling with a dog that can grow to at­tain a weight of 150 pounds. For­tu­nately, ac­cord­ing to Pro­fes­sor Wiki, ‘New­fies’ have a rep­u­ta­tion of be­ing “calm, docile, highly loyal, sweet tem­pered, easy to train, sweet na­tured…They are of­ten re­ferred to as the nanny dog.”

A cau­tion­ary state­ment by breed­ers: “Its size can cause prob­lems if it is not trained.”

I can just hear it: “Put your seat belt on! Wipe your feet be­fore you come in! I told you to not sit on that lit­tle chair! Don’t drool! Re­mem­ber, cool it with the deep bark. Peo­ple don’t know you’re just be­ing friendly.”

Any­one who doesn’t like dogs is no friend of mine. Ac­tu­ally, some of my best friends are dogs. It’s through dogs I’ve made more friends than any other way. In my 12 years of hitch­hik­ing with Kee­sha at my side, I’ve been picked up by dozens of women. Ac­tu­ally, it’s Kee­sha who gets the rides. I just ac­com­pany her.

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