On their fourth effort, these Toronto jazz experiment­alists transcend their jamband tendencies, for the first time adding vocalists (Future Islands’ Sam Herring, Mick Jenkins) to their blissful lounge cuts. The result is an LP full of effortless­ly slick R&B jams, custom tailored for your dimly lit boudoir.

Why it should win:

It’s the year’s sexiest record, and not just by Cancon standards.


Take a generous spoonful of peanut butter and jelly, smear it all over a bacon cheeseburg­er, and you’ll get a culinary approximat­ion of what these Toronto art-rockers’ debut sounds like. An odd juxtaposit­ion of influences merge in a surprising­ly pleasant tickle trunk of cacophonou­s, wonky, weird noise.

Why it should win:

It makes the guitar/bass/drums shtick sound inventive — no small feat in 2017.

LEONARD COHEN You Want It Darker

Nine decades into his career, a month before his death, the High Priest of Pathos released a bleak masterpiec­e of a last testament. After a lifetime of inquiry, Cohen takes stock of this anxious world and his time on it, letting out one last painful, frightenin­g, gorgeous sigh. Why it should win:

Because Cohen is the GOAT. Duh.

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