What do I do about nose hair?

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Trim it! Your nose hairs are there to trap germs, and plucking them out cre­ates open pores that al­low bac­te­ria to en­ter the body — and per­haps even cause brain in­fec­tions like menin­gi­tis (rare, but pos­si­ble!). With that in mind, here’s what to use to keep your schnozz ten­ta­cles in check.


Cos­metic Scis­sors If you ever cut out a pa­per snowflake in art class, you’re ca­pa­ble of wield­ing these ex­tra-sharp scis­sors. Just po­si­tion the of­fend­ing hairs in their cross­fire, then snip away!


Nose Trim­mers Yes, it’s heavy ma­chin­ery, but have no fear: the blades on Philips’ wa­ter­proof pre­ci­sion nose trim­mers are shel­tered in­side tiny slots that let in hair while pre­vent­ing you from slic­ing open your skin.

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