As the last cou­ple of pages can at­test, moto cul­ture can get a lit­tle jar­gon-y. Here’s some vo­cab to get you started.

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Café: From “café racer,” a move­ment that started in the U.K. in the ’60s, when gen­tle­manly types stripped back their bikes to go faster, then stopped by the café (or likely the pub) to show off their work and so­cial­ize.

Scram­bler: De­rived from the “scram­ble” races or­ga­nized back be­fore paved high­ways were com­mon­place. Ba­si­cally, a stock bike mod­i­fied to han­dle off-road­ing — but not made into a full dirt bike. A favourite of Steve Mcqueen.

Tracker: These rides trace back to the board rac­ers of the 1900s, which were bikes with­out brakes that raced on tracks made of wood. Sketchy. Track­ers are stripped bare, all about speed, and de­fined by that big num­ber plate.

Brat­style: The birth of mod­ern-day moto cul­ture. Back when Orange County Chop­pers was mak­ing the bike equiv­a­lent of boob jobs, builders in Tokyo were strip­ping rides back to their pure essence. They called them brats.

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