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Evan Gold­berg on per­fect­ing the dick joke with his new com­edy series.

Net­flix’s new ac­tion-com­edy Game Over, Man! — star­ring Worka­holics trio Adam Devine, An­ders Holm, and Blake An­der­son, and co-pro­duced by Seth Ro­gen and Evan Gold­berg — con­tains just about all the phal­lic hu­mour you’d ex­pect. And while Ro­gen and Gold­berg have re­cently re­ceived flak for con­tin­u­ing to em­ploy frat-boy com­edy in the #Metoo era, the Su­per­bad duo says their pro­duc­tion com­pany, Point Grey Pic­tures, takes great mea­sures — such as em­ploy­ing more women than men — to make sure their jokes don’t cross the line.

“The ba­sic con­cept of com­edy is that it’s in­sult­ing and dark in some ways,” says Gold­berg. “So, it’s not shock­ing to me that amid this move­ment that’s im­por­tant and nec­es­sary, peo­ple are over­sen­si­tive to it. Be­cause com­edy is in­her­ently strad­dling the line. When you’re in a writ­ing room, you’re al­ways say­ing, ‘Did this go too far?’ And you have to make sure the peo­ple work­ing to an­swer that ques­tion all have very dif­fer­ent opin­ions and back­grounds, be­cause eight old white dudes may not be the best judges of that.”

Do he and Seth feel weird still writ­ing jokes about penises and weed in their mid-thir­ties? “No!” he says. “It’s harder, but we’re bet­ter at it. We keep our game sharp.” — ANG

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