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Just a re­minder when you are adopting a pet to take the time to meet... the scared ones, the shy ones, the older ones, the frail ones and the ones that may not in­stantly draw you in. They need a home too and are just as wor­thy of your love.

Over the next sev­eral weeks we're go­ing to share the sto­ries of a few such an­i­mals who tend to be over­looked but who def­i­nitely de­serve their chance to shine.

We start with Bronx.

When Bronx first ar­rived at our shel­ter, he was so very scared. With time, pa­tience and kind­ness, he learned to be trust­ing of peo­ple and he has now blos­somed into a won­der­ful and af­fec­tion­ate cat. Alone most of the time, he has come to love when he has vis­i­tors and he loves to be pet. Bronx is quiet, gen­tle and unas­sum­ing in his man­ner. We've nur­tured him and he has re­sponded ten­fold.

The caveat? Bronx is FIV pos­i­tive. While we know many will shy away from adopting this very sweet young cat, we don't need many adopters, we only need one. Bronx is in good health oth­er­wise and with a healthy diet to keep his im­mune sys­tem strong, he has just as much po­ten­tial to live a full and happy life as any cat. He de­serves his chance too.

Fe­line im­mun­od­e­fi­ciency virus (FIV) is a very man­age­able dis­ease which is NOT con­ta­gious to hu­mans and NOT con­ta­gious to other species of an­i­mals. FIV is spread from cat to cat pri­mar­ily through bite wounds so cats with FIV CAN live healthily and har­mo­niously in a house with non-in­fected cats if they are all on friendly terms and nei­ther cat is prone to ag­gres­sion. Shar­ing food and wa­ter bowls, lit­ter pans, and even groom­ing each other will NOT spread the virus.

At the shel­ter, Bronx spends day af­ter day af­ter day alone in a room. Be­cause we are a shel­ter with an ever chang­ing dy­namic of cat per­son­al­i­ties, we have no choice but to keep Bronx sep­a­rate from the colony. We don't have rea­son to as­sume that he will be ag­gres­sive to­wards another cat but we have a few who can be a lit­tle surly and we can't take the chance.

De­spite hav­ing some trust is­sues at the start, Bronx, it turns out, is re­ally very much a peo­ple cat and he will be fine as the only cat in your home. We be­lieve he can also live safely with another gen­tle fe­line com­pan­ion. Bronx is ap­prox­i­mately a year old.

To in­quire about adop­tion, please send an email to fron­tieran­i­mal­so­ci­ety@gmail.com or call the shel­ter at 819.876.7785. We also hold a cat adop­tion open house ev­ery Satur­day from 10 a.m to noon at 2405 Grif­fin in Og­den.

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