Fire Preven­tion check list

Sherbrooke Record - - BROME COUNTY -

. Are flammable items, such as fer­til­iz­ers and tur­pen­tine, kept in their orig­i­nal con­tain­ers in a locked stor­age area sep­a­rate from the home?

2. Is gaso­line stored in a garage or shed in a con­tainer ap­proved for gaso­line stor­age?

3. Do you keep things that can burn away from your fire­place and keep a glass or metal screen in front of your fire­place?

4. Do you have chim­neys, fire­places, wood and coal stoves, cen­tral fur­naces and space heaters in­spected by pro­fes­sion­als once a year and cleaned reg­u­larly?

5. Do you keep space heaters at least three feet away from com­bustibles, such as cur­tains or stacks of news­pa­per, and al­ways turn off heaters when leav­ing the room or go­ing to bed?

6. Do you keep matches and lighters in a locked cab­i­net?

7. Do you al­ways stay in the kitchen when food is cook­ing on the stove?

8. Do you keep things that can burn, such as dish tow­els, pa­per or plas­tic bags, and cur­tains at least three feet away from the range top?

9. Do you douse cig­a­rette and cigar butts with wa­ter be­fore dump­ing them in the trash?

10. Are you care­ful not to leave bar­be­cue grills unat­tended while in use?

11. Do you keep grills away from play ar­eas and at least three feet away from other ob­jects, in­clud­ing the house and any shrubs or bushes?

12. Are you care­ful not to leave burn­ing can­dles unat­tended?

13. Do you keep can­dles out of the reach of chil­dren and pets?

14. Are you care­ful not to over­load elec­tri­cal out­lets, ex­ten­sion cords and power strips?

15. Do you check all wires and cords for dam­age and cover all un­used elec­tri­cal out­lets?

Smoke Alarms

1. Have you in­stalled smoke alarms on ev­ery level of your home and near ev­ery sleep­ing area?

2. Have you pushed the “test but­ton” on smoke alarms to en­sure ev­ery­one will rec­og­nize the sound of the alarm?

3. Are smoke alarms mounted high on walls or ceil­ings away from win­dows, doors and ducts where drafts might in­ter­fere with their oper­a­tion?

4. Are smoke alarms lo­cated well away from the path of steam from bath­rooms and cook­ing va­pors from the kitchen, which can re­sult in false or nui­sance alarms?

5. Do you test your smoke alarms once a month to make sure they are work­ing, and re­place the bat­ter­ies ev­ery year?

6. Have you con­sid­ered in­stalling hard-wired, in­ter­con­nected smoke alarms with bat­tery back-up so that if one alarm op­er­ates, they all sig­nal to­gether?

7. Do you re­place your smoke alarms when they are 10 years or older?

Fire Es­cape Plans

1. Have you iden­ti­fied two ex­its out of ev­ery room?

2. Does your fam­ily have a des­ig­nated meet­ing place out­side of your home?

3. Does your fam­ily prac­tice a home fire es­cape plan twice a year?

4. Have you sketched out a floor plan of your home, in­clud­ing all rooms, win­dows, in­te­rior and ex­te­rior doors, stair­ways, fire es­capes and smoke alarms? Is ev­ery fam­ily mem­ber fa­mil­iar with the lay­out?

5. Have you iden­ti­fied and reme­died any­thing in your home that could in­ter­fere with your abil­ity to get out quickly in an emer­gency in­clud­ing win­dows that are stuck, heavy fur­ni­ture block­ing an exit and bro­ken and dan­ger­ous locks?

6. Are you care­ful to al­ways keep es­cape routes clear of clut­ter?

7. If you have a multi-story home, have you con­sid­ered pur­chas­ing fire es­cape lad­ders for up­stairs bed­rooms? If you have fire es­cape lad­ders, have you opened them safely from a ground-floor win­dow for prac­tice?

8. Have you en­sured that fam­ily mem­bers with spe­cial needs, such as ill or frail fam­ily mem­bers or small chil­dren, have a buddy to help them get out safely?

9. Do fam­ily mem­bers know to get out first if there is a fire, and then call for help once safely out­side?

10. Do you hold fam­ily fire drills fre­quently and at var­i­ous times so your es­cape plans be­come sec­ond na­ture?

11. Dur­ing your fire drill, have you prac­ticed what it would be like to es­cape through smoke by get­ting down on hands and knees and crawl­ing be­low the smoke to the near­est exit? Has your fam­ily prac­ticed feel­ing doors be­fore open­ing them to es­cape, by test­ing for warmth with the back of the hand?

If you’ve an­swered “NO” to any of these ques­tions, it’s time to re­think your fire-safety plan.


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