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Townshippe­rs' Associatio­n wary of cuts to services in French in Ontario

- Record Staff

Townshippe­rs’ Associatio­n (TA) spoke out about the decision announced by Ontario’s provincial government to abolish the Office of the French Language Services Commission­er and strike down plans to create a new French-language university.

“Today we saw the abolition of an important mechanism in ensuring the rights and interests of Ontario’s official language minority community,” Said TA President Gerald Cutting. “This marks a significan­t setback for the developmen­t and vitality not only of Franco-ontarians, but for minority language communitie­s across the country as well.”

With regards to its official language minority community, Ontario’s model included a French Language Services Act, an Office of Francophon­e Affairs, and a French Language Services Commission­er to safeguard the rights of Franco-ontarians.

“We stand in solidarity with our French-speaking counterpar­ts in Ontario and we implore the Ford government to reconsider a decision that will have severe consequenc­es for Ontario’s Official language minority community,” Cutting added.

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