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We’re All In This Together

Holiday concert with Quebec performers

- Record Staff

“We’re All In This Together,” a web series focused on reaching Quebec’s English-speaking seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, will release 18 episodes on Youyube over the next nine months. The series is a community initiative created by the English Language Arts Network and Seniors Action Quebec.

The first two episodes, including a holiday concert featuring Quebec artists recorded at Martha Wainwright’s intimate venue Ursa, are already posted for viewers to enjoy.

From Christmas and Hanukkah classics to inspiratio­nal original songs interprete­d by Quebec artists, the holiday concert features Grammy Award-winning jazz artist Jennifer Gasoi, gospel, jazz and soul infusions by Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter Dawn Tyler Watson, Oscar Peterson Award-winning jazz singer Susie Arioli and upbeat Celtic tunes by the prolific Solstice Trio.

Each bi-weekly episode, directed by Montreal-based, award-winning filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart, features entertainm­ent, activities and conversati­ons designed to connect with those in need of support, and remind them that we are, indeed, all in this together. Over the next nine months,18 episodes will be released that can easily be found on Youtube and Facebook, and are available for anyone to enjoy. The two episodes, Holiday Baking: Making Sugar Cookies with Hainya & Linda, and Holiday Concert in Martha Wainwright’s URSA are already out and more are coming soon!

“We are so happy to be able to bring some much-needed entertainm­ent and support from amazing Quebec-based artists to our seniors,” commented

Vanessa Herrick, Executive Director at Senior Action Quebec in a press release. “The response from the community so far has been overwhelmi­ngly positive. It shows that even though we have all been through a difficult time, it is more important than ever to pull together and make sure that our loved ones know that even if we can’t be with them, we are all in this together, and they are not alone.”

The first episode of “We’re All In This Together” takes viewers into a Montreal

family kitchen, with grandmothe­r Hainya Wiseman and her daughter-inlaw Linda, as they show viewers how to make holiday sugar cookies. They discuss personal challenges and coping mechanisms during the pandemic while they share a light-hearted and heartwarmi­ng approach to baking cookies in holiday, Hanukkah and Christmas shapes. If you are curious to find out what sugar cookies have to do with a soufflé hairstyle, don’t miss this uplifting kick-off to the web series!

Tuning into the web series is also a great opportunit­y to take a moment and make sure that the seniors around you are able to access the internet and take advantage of all of the online resources out there for them.

The webseries is accessible through ELAN’S website or Facebook by searching We’re All In This Together, or throught the following Youtube link:https:// www. y o u t u b e . c o m / c h a n n e l / UCCQPJGDPI­7X95JPTHKJ­DOOA.

 ?? BOBBI-JO HART ?? Jennifer Gasoi, one of the Quebec artists who participat­ed in a holiday concert, part of the We’re All In This Together webseries.
BOBBI-JO HART Jennifer Gasoi, one of the Quebec artists who participat­ed in a holiday concert, part of the We’re All In This Together webseries.

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