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Featured pet: Major Tom


Major Tom was well known in the neighbourh­ood where he roamed in search of companions­hip and food. One of his favourite spots was the playground where, it so happened, our cat adoption coordinato­r’s granddaugh­ters would often play. Smart move Major Tom!

With no collar and no microchip, all we could do was put up signs and ask around the neighbourh­ood to see if he had a home. Everyone we spoke to assumed he was a stray. We also notified the SPA. One person did call us about him but then, never followed through. If he did belong to someone, that someone wasn’t very invested in his well-being, and besides, allowing an unsteriliz­ed cat to roam outdoors is extremely irresponsi­ble. Who knows, maybe he is one of the hundreds of “free” kittens given away on community facebook pages to people who react impulsivel­y and don’t consider the commitment or costs involved for vetting and caring for a kitten.

Major Tom is a cat in a million, actually, more like a kitten in a million as our vet believes he is not quite a year old. Not only is Major Tom beautiful, he is a real character with a charming and outgoing personalit­y. He loves people and gets along with every other cat at the shelter. He literally stands on his hind legs with his arms outstretch­ed like a toddler, asking to be picked up. Once in your arms, he is content to be held for as long as your arms hold out.

Given how social and engaged he is, our goal is to place Major Tom into a fun and lively home where he will get the attention and love he so craves. We don’t want him to be alone for hours and hours each day so an active home with children and other pets would be perfect for this very special cat.

If you are ready to adopt a friendly, happy and affectiona­te cat who loves being the center of attention and you can provide the type of home we are looking for, Major Tom is the cat for you. He is now fully vetted and ready to go.

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