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It is amaz­ing what a lit­tle time in the “wa­ter closet” with Un­cle John’s Bath­room Reader can do for your next in­spi­ra­tion.

I was read­ing the sec­tion on (M)Ad Men and there were two quotes by fa­mous peo­ple that caught my eye.

Ed­win Land (1909 – 1991), the co-founder of the Po­laroid Cor­po­ra­tion and in­ven­tor of the Po­laroid Cam­era said, “Mar­ket­ing is what you do when your prod­uct is no good.”

Joseph E. Levine (1905 – 1987), an Amer­i­can film pro­ducer who was in­volved in the mak­ing of over 497 films, said, “You can fool all the peo­ple all of the time if the ad­ver­tis­ing is right and the bud­get is big enough”.

These two quotes got me think­ing about one of the best mar­keters we have to­day. He is not far away, just to the south of us. He has demon­strated that you can fool many peo­ple. He uses his mar­ket­ing skill to the fullest be­cause his prod­ucts of lies, de­cep­tion, di­vi­siv­ness, racism and most things he claims, are no good. But do not put all the blame on him. He does have a ready au­di­ence of a like kind.

Here in good old Nor­folk the elec­tion is now in the past and I must con­grat­u­late all the suc­cess­ful can­di­dates on their elec­tion to Nor­folk County coun­cil.

Voter turnout in Nor­folk was about 41 per cent.

There was the pos­si­bil­ity of 48,969 votes be­ing cast in this 2018 elec­tion. In the elec­tion for mayor there were 20,077 votes cast, of which the win­ner got 10,838 for a mar­gin of over 2,000 votes.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to newly elected Mayor Kristal Chopp and my best wishes for a very suc­cess­ful four years.

My point is that there were 28,892 el­i­gi­ble vot­ers in Nor­folk who did not cast vote for the mayor’s po­si­tion. To me that is a dis­grace. With the ad­vanced polls and easy ac­cess there is ab­so­lutely no rea­son not to make the ef­fort to vote.

I know that there were fewer polls but those who com­plain are miss­ing the point. We have the right to vote in this county, prov­ince and coun­try and if we abuse that right for long enough maybe some day we won’t have it.

Remembrance Day is fast ap­proach­ing and many young men and women sac­ri­ficed their lives dur­ing the First and Se­cond World Wars so we could re­tain the priv­i­leges of a free demo­cratic coun­try with rights like vot­ing.

If you take a look at all the elec­tion re­sults across this coun­try, Nor­folk is a good re­flec­tion of the apa­thy to­wards vot­ing. I won­der what the wake-up call will be and will it be in time.

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