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Ros­sig­nol BC 100 Ad­justable

The Ros­sig­nol BC 100 is an ad­justable, light­weight pole for back­coun­try tour­ing. It fea­tures an Ax­ium grip with padded strap, a new user-friendly lock­ing mech­a­nism, 95mm pow­der bas­ket and a durable 7075 alu­minum shaft. Ideal for a day of back­coun­try tour­ing, these ski poles are ex­pand­able from 90 to 150-cen­time­ters in length. The 95-mil­lime­ter snowflake bas­kets stay afloat when climb­ing or ski­ing through the deep­est snow. The SRP is $90 [US] / $90 [CDN].

Salomon MTN ALU S3

The Salomon MTN ALU S3 is a very re­li­able ad­justable alu­minum pole. The Easy Lock sys­tem ad­justs from 110cm to 135cm. The up­per shaft is 16mm in di­am­e­ter, while the lower is 14mm – both stout enough to last for many, many tours. Car­bide/widia tips are strong, sharp and durable to han­dle any en­coun­ters with ice. The asym­met­ri­cal bas­kets make strid­ing on the flats a joy. And should your pole ever get caught while ski­ing, your safety is as­sured be­cause the S3 grip has a re­leasable strap. The SRP is $99 [US] / $119 [CDN].

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