Hay­wood No­ram 2017/18 Cana­dian Re­port

The 2018 Hay­wood No­ram sea­son opened with more than 550 bud­ding Olympians de­ter­mined to de­liver their best ef­forts as they gath­ered at the Ro­tary Sta­dium at Sov­er­eign Lake, B.C. for the first Cana­dian stop of the se­ries and sec­ond on the USSA Su­per­tour.

SkiTrax - - Contents - by Julie Me­lan­son

Dec. 9-10 – Sov­er­eign Lake, B.C.

Course con­di­tions were ideal, with sunny skies, a -7°C tem­per­a­ture and hard-packed snow in Sov­er­eign Lake, B.C. for the Open Women’s 1.3km Clas­sic sprint qual­i­fier. Kaitlynn Miller (Crafts­bury Nordic) set the women’s best time, while the fastest Cana­dian qual­i­fier was So­phie Car­rier-laforte (Ski­nouk) in fourth. Cole Mor­gan (Sun Val­ley Ski Ed­u­ca­tion Foun­da­tion [SVSEF]) led the men’s qual­i­fi­ca­tion, with Bob Thomp­son (Team Hard­wood) the top Canuck in fourth. Sov­er­eign Lake’s own Han­nah Me­hain and An­toine Cyr (Ski­nouk) were the fastest ju­nior qual­i­fiers.

Thomp­son was the lone Canuck bat­tling five Amer­i­cans in the Open Men’s A-fi­nal as the NTDC Thun­der Bay ath­lete proved his early-sea­son fit­ness win­ning by a mere 0.03 sec­onds over Ben Sax­ton (Strat­ton Moun­tain School). Mor­gan (SVSEF) fin­ished third.

Miller (Crafts­bury Nordic) dom­i­nated win­ning all of her heats and the Open Women’s A-fi­nal, best­ing Caitlin Pat­ter­son (Crafts­bury Nordic) by al­most one sec­ond. Round­ing out the top three was Han­nah Halvorsen (Alaska Pa­cific Uni­ver­sity [APU]). The top Cana­dian was Car­rier-laforte (Ski­nouk) in sixth. Me­hain (Sov­er­eign Lake) and Cyr (Ski­nouk) took the ju­nior women’s and men’s Clas­sic sprint races re­spec­tively.

On Day Two, the U.S.A.’S Ian Torchia (North­ern Michi­gan Uni­ver­sity) won the Open Men’s 15km freestyle In­ter­val Start ahead of Jack Heg­man (SVSEF) in sec­ond, with Brian Mckeever (Fast Trax Run & Ski) in third.

Pat­ter­son (Crafts­bury Nordic) took the se­nior women’s 10km skate event, best­ing Rosie Frankowski (APU) by 30 sec­onds, with Caitlin Gregg (CXC Team) round­ing out the top three. The top Cana­dian of the day was Zina Kocher (Foothills Nordic Ski Club) in eighth.

Halvorsen (APU) claimed the ju­nior women’s 5km skate race while Hunter Won­ders (APU) topped the ju­nior men’s field.

Dec. 16-17 – Ross­land, B.C.

Brian and Caitlin Gregg (Gregg Team Gregg/loppet Nordic Rac­ing) skied away as Hay­wood No­ram cham­pi­ons in the 5km and 10km Clas­sic events on Day One in Ross­land, B.C. with -5°C tem­per­a­tures and fresh falling snow. Scott Hill (Team Hard­wood) fin­ished sec­ond at 30 sec­onds be­hind, with Thomp­son (Team Hard­wood) third, re­tain­ing his sta­tus as No­ram leader. On the women’s side, An­nika Hicks (Canmore) was sec­ond and Car­rier-laforte (Ski­nouk) fin­ished third. Me­hain (Sov­er­eign Lake) set the stan­dard in the ju­nior woman’s 5km CL race, while Ty God­frey (Canmore) grabbed the win for the ju­nior men.

On Day Two, Caitlin Gregg (Gregg Team Gregg/loppet Nordic Rac­ing) made it two for two, win­ning the se­nior women’s freestyle sprint over top-qual­i­fier An­drea Dupont (Rocky Moun­tain Rac­ers), with Kocher (Foothills Nordic Ski Club) in third. In a photo fin­ish, lo­cal favourite Julien Locke (Black Jack) edged Evan Palmer-charette (Lappe Nordic) by 0.01 sec­onds for the win in the men’s freestyle sprint, while Ju­lian Smith (Ge­or­gian Bay) pre­vailed over top-qual­i­fier Thomp­son (Team Hard­wood).

Me­hain (Sov­er­eign Lake) won the qual­i­fi­ca­tion and ju­nior women’s sprint FR fi­nal over Han­nah Shields (Lappe Nordic), while the bronze went to Benita Peif­fer (Whistler). In ju­nior men’s freestyle sprint, Gra­ham Ritchie (Big Thun­der) edged Cyr (Ski­nouk) in the qual­i­fier, but Cyr turned the ta­bles, win­ning the fi­nal over Ritchie, with Reed God­frey (Canmore) pre­vail­ing over Pierre Grall-john­son (Nakker­tok) for the bronze.

On the fi­nal day, both Greggs (Gregg Team Gregg/loppet Nordic Rac­ing) were unstoppable, win­ning the 10km/15km freestyle skate Pur­suit races to claim the over­all mini-tour ti­tles as well. Kocher (Foothills Nordic Ski Club) was sec­ond in the women’s com­pe­ti­tion, while Dupont (Rocky Moun­tain Rac­ers) fin­ished third. In the men’s race, Andy Shields (Lappe Nordic) was sec­ond, with Jack Car­lyle (Soo Fin­nish) in third.

In the ju­nior women’s 5km race, Kaia An­dal (Cale­do­nia Nordic) skied strong to pass and fin­ish ahead of Me­hain (Sov­er­eign Lake), while God­frey (Canmore)

led from the start to cap­ture the ju­nior men’s 10km win, with Ritchie (Big Thun­der) sec­ond and Sam Hendry (Canmore) in third.

Jan. 5-11 – Mont-ste-anne, Que.

The Hay­wood No­ram and Olympic/world Ju­nior-u23 se­lec­tions re­sumed in the new year at Mont-ste-anne, Que. as top-qual­i­fier Dahria Beatty (White­horse Ski Club) won the Open Women’s 1.35km Sprint Clas­sic fi­nal, with Maya Macisaac-jones (Rocky Moun­tain Rac­ers) sec­ond and Kather­ine Ste­wartJones (Nakker­tok Nordique) in third at the newly up­graded set­ting in Cen­tre de ski fond Mont-ste-anne.

In the men’s 1.35km Clas­sic sprint, it was Locke (Black Jack) tak­ing the men’s fi­nal over top-qual­i­fier Rus­sell Kennedy (Canmore Nordic) in sec­ond, fol­lowed by Thomp­son (Team Hard­wood) in third.

Day Two con­tin­ued af­ter the week­end’s pause due to ex­treme cold tem­per­a­tures with a balmy -11.5°C for the Skiathlon, even as a group of 25 se­nior women be­gan their 15km event in the falling snow. A sur­prise ad­di­tion was the re­turn of An­neMarie Comeau (Univer­sité Laval), who led the Clas­sic por­tion, chased by Cen­drine Browne (Fon­deurs-lau­ren­tides/cneph), Beatty (White­horse Ski Club), MacisaacJones (Rocky Moun­tain Rac­ers), Laura Leclair (Chelsea Nordic) and Ste­wart-jones (Nakker­tok Nordique) at 20 sec­onds. On the last lap of the skate leg, Browne caught and passed Comeau to fin­ish with a 12-sec­ond mar­gin, with Beatty com­ing in third.

In the men’s 30km event, 41 se­nior men toed the line as snow fell heav­ily. Jesse Cock­ney (Foothills Nordic Ski Club), Knute Johns­gaard (White­horse Ski Club) and Car­lyle (Soo Fin­nish) led a front group of 13 in the Clas­sic leg. The lead changed sev­eral times dur­ing the 15km free-tech­nique course, as a great bat­tle to the fin­ish saw Johns­gaard clinch the top spot fol­lowed by Gra­ham Nishikawa (White­horse Ski CLUB/CPNST) in sec­ond, with Gareth Wil­liams (Tele­mark) in third.

Natalie Hynes (White­horse Ski Club) had a con­sis­tent strong race in the ju­nior women’s 10km, go­ing head to head with In­dia Mcisaac (Rocky Moun­tain Rac­ers) for a 1-2 fin­ish, with Lisle Comp­ton (Kenora Nordic) in third.

The ju­nior men bat­tled over a 20km course, as Cyr (Ski­nouk) had a solid 28-sec­ond lead at the tran­si­tion. Lo­cal favourite Félix Long­pré (Club Nordique Mont-ste-anne) chal­lenged dur­ing skate leg for an ex­cit­ing fin­ish though Cyr pre­vailed, with Long­pré sec­ond. Thomas Mank­telow (Canmore Nordic) grabbed third in a photo fin­ish with Éti­enne Hébert (Mon­tériski).

At the newly up­graded Cen­tre, Beatty won the Open Women’s 1.35km sprint freestyle fi­nal, with Browne sec­ond and Kocher third on Day Three. In the men’s sprint race, it was Cock­ney (Foothills Nordic Ski Club) win­ning over Andy Shields (Lappe Nordic) in sec­ond, fol­lowed by Thomp­son (Team Hard­wood) in third.

An­nika Richard­son (Holly­burn Ski Club/ NTDC Thun­der Bay) topped the ju­nior women’s sprint field, fol­lowed by El­iz­a­beth El­liott (Revel­stoke Nordic/bcst) in sec­ond, with Cather­ine Reed-metayer (Sk­ibec/ CNJRST) tak­ing third. Cyr (Ski­nouk) led the charge in the ju­nior men’s sprint over Ritchie in sec­ond, with Hébert (Mon­tériski) in third.

On the fi­nal day, Browne topped the field in the Open Women’s 10km Clas­sic In­di­vid­ual Start, with Ste­wart-jones (Nakker­tok Nordique) sec­ond and Comeau (Univer­sité Laval) grab­bing third. Ri­cardo Izquierdo-bernier (Fon­deurs-lau­ren­tides/ CNEPH) claimed the men’s 15km race over Hill (Team Hard­wood) in sec­ond, fol­lowed by Nishikawa (White­horse Ski CLUB/CPNST) in third.

Me­hain (Sov­er­eign Lake) was the fastest ju­nior woman in the 5km Clas­sic fol­lowed by Hynes (White­horse Ski Club) in sec­ond, with Richard­son (Holly­burn Ski CLUB/NTDC Thun­der Bay) tak­ing the fi­nal podium spot. Cyr (Ski­nouk) led the ju­nior men’s charge in the 10km CL race over Long­pré (Club Nordique Mont-ste-anne) in sec­ond, with Hébert (Mon­tériski) in third.

Julien Locke edged Evan Palmer-charette for the win in the men's freestyle sprint at Ross­land, B.C.

Bob Thomp­son topped the se­nior men's sprint CL podium.

Caitlin Gregg win­ning the women's 10km freestyle skate Pur­suit as well to claim the over­all mini-tour ti­tle in Ross­land.

Se­nior women's sprint FR podium

Se­nior men's 30km Skiathlon podium

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