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Cen­tral Cross Coun­try Ski­ing of­fers sev­eral train­ing op­tions to sup­port prepa­ra­tion for the Nordic ski sea­son. In April, at the be­gin­ning of the train­ing year, the CXC re­ceives ques­tions about the "right" train­ing-plan choice. The an­swer can vary greatly de­pend­ing on the ath­letes and their needs.

How­ever, there is ad­vice that CXC gives any ath­lete com­pet­ing in the Mas­ters ski cat­e­gory. Look at your over­all life, the needs of your fam­ily, the needs of your job, the state of your health, as well as any pos­si­ble con­straints, and then choose a plan that sup­ports all of it. Do you doubt that your life can fit around an on­line Mas­ters train­ing plan de­vel­oped for the masses? CXC agrees. That’s why as well as its three lev­els of CXC Academy on­line train­ing plans (www. cx­ca­, CXC also of­fers "Per­sonal Coach­ing."

Per­sonal Coach­ing for Mas­ters skiers al­lows par­tic­i­pants to live more and train more, as the train­ing plan is de­signed week by week by your as­signed per­sonal ski coach. Your coach builds your train­ing plan around you, and even then, you can per­son­ally resched­ule work­outs if need be. Or you can just in­form your coach to do that for you! CXC Per­sonal Coach­ing uses Train­ing Peaks’ on­line plat­form that al­lows you to see the work­outs planned by your coach; to log the work you did ei­ther by hand or trans­fer it straight from your heart-rate mon­i­tor; to over­see your progress, fa­tigue and peak­ing to­wards an event; as well as in­stantly in­form­ing your per­sonal coach of any changes needed for your well-be­ing and to progress in the sport. To im­prove your ski tech­nique, your CXC per­sonal coach asks that weekly you send in a video of your ski work­out, to be eval­u­ated in your weekly video call. This is a time­saver and a great way to gain valu­able ski knowl­edge.

A Mas­ters skier from Ice­land, Ei­nar Krist­jans­son said, "I have been us­ing the Per­sonal Coach­ing pro­gram at the CXC Academy for al­most a year, and it has been a great suc­cess. I have made sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments, and my train­ing has been much more en­joy­able since I started work­ing with a per­sonal coach at the CXC Academy. The pro­gram is cus­tom­ized for my needs, and I al­ways have ac­cess to my coach when I need to make any ad­just­ments. I was train­ing for the 70km Mar­cia­longa in Italy and 90km Vasa- loppet in Swe­den, as well as for lo­cal races in Ice­land, and the ex­cel­lent prepa­ra­tion helped me achieve and sur­pass the goals that we set for the win­ter. This is a highly rec­om­mended pro­gram [staffed with] en­thu­si­as­tic and highly knowl­edge­able coaches who are cer­tainly worth us­ing."

Do you have to be a race ma­chine to ac­cess this pro­gram? Of course not! Though if you are, that’s fine. The CXC’S per­son­al­ized coach­ing can ac­com­mo­date the de­sires as well as sup­port the goals of any level of a cross-coun­try skier. Nordic ski­ing is a great way to stay healthy. If you have a busy work sched­ule and love ski­ing, but strug­gle to fit sup­port­ive work­out ses­sions into your day, per­son­al­ized coach­ing could be a great op­tion.

Nordic ski­ing can also sup­port in ex­ceed­ing one’s lim­its and go­ing fur­ther than be­fore. If you’ve par­tic­i­pated in the sport your en­tire life, how­ever now suf­fer some phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions but still wish to ful­fill your dream of en­joy­ably ski­ing the Birke­beiner or Vasa­lop­pet rather than be­com­ing hurt or suf­fer­ing through the ex­pe­ri­ence, CXC Per­sonal Coach­ing is a great way to ad­just your train­ing to your health. If your body still runs like a per­fect ma­chine, but you haven’t yet had the op­por­tu­nity to do high-level rac­ing in your de­sired cat­e­gory or if you have time con­straints, CXC Per­sonal Coach­ing can build a pro­fes­sional skier plan that works around your job and leisure time. With CXC Per­sonal On­line Coach­ing, your ob­sta­cles in train­ing are rid­dles for CXC solve.

"Through the per­sonal-train­ing pro­gram, CXC coaches helped me be suc­cess­ful in train­ing for and com­plet­ing the 90K Vasa­lop­pet," said Cyn­thia Flores. "My coach not only helped me build the en­durance to com­plete this en­deav­our, my tech­ni­cal skills im­proved through coach­ing. I couldn’t have done it without this pro­gram! The weekly check-in calls were in­valu­able. They helped me stay fo­cused, and my coach was able to ad­just to my work sched­ule so that my train­ing re­mained con­sis­tent."

Per­sonal Coach­ing for Mas­ters skiers al­lows par­tic­i­pants to live more and train more.

Sur­pass your goals.

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