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It’s a dirty job, but some­one has to do it. Ac­tu­ally, it isn’t that dirty, but yes, some­one has to do it. There’s not a lot of glam­our in­volved in waste man­age­ment of an RV but if left unat­tended for too long things will def­i­nitely get ugly. Main­te­nance is def­i­nitely the key to mak­ing sure the task doesn’t get too daunt­ing.

Be­fore you start, please make sure to wear rub­ber gloves to pre­vent con­tact with any dan­ger­ous pathogens. (Ei­ther bleach or throw them out af­ter you are done - no one needs to keep those!)

Make sure you know the dif­fer­ence be­tween the grey water hold­ing tank (the one that holds the water from your sink and shower) and the black water hold­ing tank (the one that col­lects water and waste from the toi­let).


The best prac­tice is to dump the black water tank first – then the grey water will help flush out any­thing left be­hind. It is also best to wait un­til the tanks are about 2/3 full – grav­ity and pres­sure are your friends at the dump sta­tion. 1 Pull up to the dump sta­tion and make sure your drains are as close as pos­si­ble. Don’t be the guy/gal that misses. 2 Get the sewer hose out. Re­move the cap from the hold­ing tank and make sure both the grey and black water valves are closed. 3 At­tach the hose dump sta­tion hole. Make sure it is se­curely clamped. Pull open the black water tank first and wait for it to empty. 4 Af­ter the black tank is empty it is a good idea to do a fresh water rinse – pour water with a ded­i­cated hose or a bucket down the toi­let. If your RV has it, use the rinse sys­tem, and then do the last step. Solids can still get left be­hind and flush­ing water through un­til the water runs clear doesn’t take too long. 5 Now open your grey tank valve. Once it’s empty make sure to close the valve. 6 Check that all the valves are closed and dis­con­nect the sewer hose from the RV. Make sure to drain the hose into the dump sta­tion and try to give it a rinse. Store the hose in a seg­re­gated area. 7 Clean up. Throw away gloves. San­i­tize any ar­eas that may have been touched. Wash your hands thor­oughly. 8 Treat your tank. Try to use an en­vi­ron­men­tal prod­uct that won’t af­fect the sewer sys­tem. 9 Leave the dump sta­tion how you found it! The sin­gle most daunt­ing task for the RVer may be hav­ing to deal with waste. But with these tips (and some gloves and bleach) it will seem a lot eas­ier. You’ll be back on your jour­ney in no time.

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