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Main­tain­ing Your RV’s Roof

Snowbirds & RV Travelers - - Contents -

Hun­dreds of thou­sands of snow­birds from Canada and the north­ern United States make the trip south each year in their RV. The ma­jor rea­son for the trip is the weather and the hot sun, which feels great on the body but is not great for an RV. Main­tain your roof to pro­tect your in­vest­ment and get many years of re­li­able use from your home away from home. Here are some tips on how to pro­long your roof life.

1 In­spect your RV roof sev­eral times a year. De­ter­mine if your RV roof still has some life in it or needs to be re­placed. Look for signs of wear and tear that may re­quire a service trip. If it looks good pro­ceed to clean­ing and pro­tect­ing it. There are some steps you can take to pro­tect your RV roof from sun and wa­ter dam­age.

2 Keep it Clean: Keep­ing your RV roof clean will help it to last longer be­cause dirt you see on the roof may not be just soil, but also acid from pol­lu­tion that will break down the rub­ber on your roof and cause it to crack. Be­fore you be­gin clean­ing, check your man­ual to de­ter­mine the type of roof­ing used and the rec­om­mended type of soap or cleaner to use. RV roofs are built with many dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als de­pend­ing on the man­u­fac­turer.

3 When clean­ing the RV roof make sure to rinse the sides of the RV, as well, to avoid soap residue and dam­age to the any graph­ics or the paint. Don’t use a cleaner that con­tains harsh abra­sives or cit­ric-based acids on rub­ber or vinyl roofs. Make sure to keep de­bris such as leaves and branches off of the roof to help to ex­tend the life of the roof. DO NOT USE A PRES­SURE WASHER!

4 seal­nantds: In­spect roof Clean­ing the roof is only the first part of main­tain­ing it. Ev­ery time you clean the roof, make sure to check all the sealants and seams. In­spect the roof sealants thor­oughly for po­ten­tial leaks as wa­ter is a ma­jor en­emy to your roof and the small­est open­ing can cause ex­ten­sive dam­age.

5 Seal the clean roof sur­face: Af­ter the roof has been cleaned and has dried thor­oughly, ap­ply a self lev­el­ling roof sealant. Check with your RV Service Tech­ni­cian or RV parts store for the best choice of sealants. Re­seal any roof seams or other open­ings where you sus­pect a leak. Many RV roof clean­ing and seal­ing prod­ucts also have added UV pro­tec­tion in­gre­di­ents. If you keep your RV or travel trailer roof clean and sealed it will last for many years.

6 Keep it cov­ered: If pos­si­ble, try to keep your RV cov­ered when it is not in use to help pro­tect it from the el­e­ments. It’s in­evitable that over time the roof will be­gin to show signs of wear caused by ex­po­sure. The sun makes the ag­ing process hap­pen quicker, so just like we wear sun­screen to avoid wrin­kles, so should you ap­ply some pro­tec­tion to your RV.

With rou­tine in­spec­tion and a lit­tle hard work, you can keep the roof of your motorhome look­ing and work­ing like new for many years.

If you are not com­fort­able work­ing on the RV roof, have your main­te­nance per­formed by an au­tho­rized RV service cen­tre.

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