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“He has his… be­liefs, his su­per­sti­tions. Ev­ery­one does. For ex­am­ple, he won’t touch the match ball ever. Even if we’re los­ing, the ball goes out and we need to get the ball back in play as fast as pos­si­ble, he won’t go near it. No way – he won’t touch it” - Chelsea mid­fielder Jorginho re­veals one of Mau­r­izio Sarri’s many su­per­sti­tions.

“I’m here with my buddy James, he wants me to come to West Ham, but I’m say­ing they can­not af­ford me.” - Zla­tan Ibrahi­movic jok­ingly rules out a move to the London- based club in a video with big Ham­mers fan and late- night talk show host James Cor­den.

“We are get­ting re­ports on ap­prox­i­mately 5000 play­ers a month – it’s be­com­ing a big process.” - Wolver­hamp­ton Wan­der­ers sport­ing di­rec­tor Kevin Thel­well has de­tailed their ap­proach for main­tain­ing their suc­cess and re­main­ing in the Pre­mier League. Whether he is ex­ag­ger­at­ing or not, 5000 play­ers is a crazy amount of foot­ballers to fol­low.

“There was a lit­tle hint of jeal­ousy I think. He does not di­gest, per­haps, be­ing short-haired, I think” - Ar­se­nals’ Mat­teo Guen­douzi re­acts to Marouane Fel­laini pulling his hair as the two squared off in mid­field. Per­haps Fel­laini re­grets cut­ting his hair…

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