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MESSI NOT THAT GOOD - PELE Brazilian legend Pele recently slammed Lionel FIFA PresidentMessiafterfollowingclaimingelectionstheArgentineatan star has only Extraordinaryoneskill.CongressThe78-year-inFebruaryoldheavilythereforecriticized Messi, came atsayingatimethatwhenbothtrustheandintheMaradonaadministrationarebetter of the thanworld’shim.mostPelepopularsaidthatsportyou wascannotatitscompare a lowestfootballerebb.Like whohispredecessor,headstheballInfantinoandshootsis with Swiss, bothbutaslegsalawyertosomeoneandprofessionalwhoonlyusesfootballhisleft and administrator,can’theadthethenewballmanwell.presentsAscan abefarimagined, slicker,onemoreMessicredible,fandidpersonality.nottakethe criticism well and EnteringmadetheaFIFAthreadpresidentialonTwitterracebrandishingasa Pele as late substitutethebiggestafterfraudhisformerinfootballbosshistory.Platini The fan went on to dispel Pele’s 1283 goals, stating had beenthatforcedmany ofto thoseleave it,goals,the multilingual526,camefrom unofficial matches, while also stating he was Infantinooutperformedisasmoothand/operator,oroutscoredpersonableinevery World Cup he participated in. rather than charismatic. As he acknowledged in an emotional victory speech, FIFA’s reputation needs to be restored, but there is a veryThelongBallon d’Or has been awarded to the best footballer way to go to achieve that aim. It is temptingoftheyearto by France Football magazine since 1956 where remain sceptical, but after garnering their115voteseditorial staff puts together a shortlist of 30 players. To against the 88 for his closest rival, thedeterminefavourite the winner, leading journalists from all over the Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa,world,Infantinorestricted to one vote per nation. According to reports, does at least have a mandate to presstheaheadjournalist from Comoros, who voted in the Ballon d’Or with reform. this year, does not exist. Not only does the newspaper he For many of its member associations,represents been inactive for six years, but they have never particularly those in the developing world,hadanyone with his name work for them. FIFA represents a reliable source of cash. Infantino has said that he flew the equivalent of five times around the world, meeting and greetingValenciathemenhavewhosebeenvotesstrugglingheneededthisseason,and and the fans are who wouldmakingbetheirgladdiscontentofthedevelopmentheard.Followingmoney the clubs draw with promisedSevillaby atthehome,newFIFAmanyboss.supporters directed their anger towards The spreadthedirector’softhefootballboxwheregospelowneraroundPetertheLim was seated. Mr. globe Limisonewasofsurprisedthefundamentaltobethereasonsobjectforof so much criticism and FIFA’s decidedexistence,tobutact.InfantinoPeterLimwillscheduledneedto meetings with directors balanceandthisthewithcoachhis toreformseekagendaanswersandas tothewhy the team has been need fordisappointingtransparencyafterto keephisbighisinvestmentsmembershipin the summer, and why some of those new signings aren’t even playing. ‘Infantino flew the equivalent of five times around the world, meeting and greeting the men whose votes he needed and who would be glad of development money’ UEFA President and former French legend Michel Platini had eyes on the top job at FIFA. ALL NEW 2019 FORD RANGER GHOST VOTER SEPP BLATTER’S MISTAKES EXCLUDING HIS SEXIST WAYS, TROUBLES IN THE GAY COMMUNITY, AND FALLING OFF A STAGE, HERE ARE SOME OF SEPP BLATTER’S MISTAKES DURING HIS TIEM AS FIFA PRESIDENT. experienced, with a complete knowledge of everything around football and its organisation,” the Portuguese said. Ahead of the election process at the February Extraordinary Congress, the FIFA membership approved a package of reforms to pave the way for significant improvements to the governance of global football, including clear separation of political and management functions, limits on the length of time FIFA officials can remain in office, greater recognition and promotion of women in football and a commitment to enshrining human rights in the FIFA statutes. With the new reform package on the table, Infantino was elected to office to implement it, but it will be a slow and gradual process for change to be embedded and implemented. In the meantime, this autumn will see the beginning of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finals. The controversial decisions to award the tournament to Russia – and to Qatar in 2022 – were an integral part of the allegations aimed at FIFA that eventually led to Blatter’s downfall. The legacy of years of mismanagement and maladministration will not be eradicated overnight and, to that extent, Infantino’s challenge is an unenviable one. A fundamental cultural change must take place. That will not happen quickly, but it will influence how FIFA is perceived in future and how Infantino’s time in office will be judged. THE TIME HE SUGGESTED ELIMINATING DRAWS HOT CROSS BOSS Showing exactly how in touch with the modern game he is, Blatter once suggested that draws should eliminated. ORDER YOURS NOW "EVERY GAME SHOULD HAVE A WINNER," "WE SHOULD HAVE THE COURAGE TO INTRODUCE A FINAL DECISION IN EVERY GAME OF FOOTBALL. THAT IS WHAT I WANT." he told a German journalist in 2004. That, of course, is not what everybody else wants. In the run-up to the 1994 World Cup, Blatter also suggested that games should be divided into four quarters, presumably to appease the American broadcast sponsors who were lining FIFA's pockets. ‘The challenge facing Infantino is to reform an organisation whose name has become synonymous with corruption’ I SPY WITH MY LITTLE CAM ALL FORDS ARE CREATED EQUAL... Second division team Granada have filed a police report after some of their staff discovered spy cameras hidden in various areas of their stadium and sports facilities. The cameras were hidden inside volumetric sensors and fire alarms. The club have accused former operations’ director, Angel Gonzalez Segura, for being responsible for the installation. In total, three cameras have been found hidden by entrances to the dressing rooms, as well as the sports equipment’s storehouse. The cameras have been – especially those who voted for hissubsequentlychief removed. opponent – onside. The new Swiss boss gave a nod in that direction too in his post-election address.Ronaldo, the Brazilian one, was in New York An earlyCityunderstandingaspresidentofofRealwhatValladolid,anInfantino-holding led FIFAmeetingsmightlookinthelikeUSasofficesthenewof LamanLiga.easesThe himselfBrazilianintothetookrole thecan opportunitybeseenfromtohisspend some electiontimemanifesto.atMadisonAlongsideSquare theGardenadditionalwhere he money promised to member associations,attendedhis first Infantino’s glossy election documentNBAgamewas as the built around reform and good NYgovernance,Knicksfaced democracy and participation andthe Brooklynfootball Nets. development. Ronaldo posed for Infantino clearly stated his beliefphotosthat with Knicks’ “fundamental reforms must beFrenchatthe playerheart Frank of FIFA to ensure that it regainsNtilikinathetrustas ofthe two both the football world and theexchangedwiderpublic.jerseys. These reforms need to be structuralNewcastlebutalsolegend, cultural in nature. In this respect,AlanFIFAShearermust was demonstrate that it has the strengthalsopresentand at the determination to reform itself basketballintoamodern,game, well governed, institution whichposingisaworthywithKristaps leader for the world’s number Porzingis.onesport.” This is the crux of the task facing Infantino, the seemingly insurmountable challenge of reconstructing an organisation whose very name has become synonymous with corruption, as the multiple suspensions and arrests triggered by the present investigations testify. During his election campaign, Infantino unveiled a 90-day plan to reform FIFA. “I think it’s now or never,” he said, introducing his proposals in front of reporters at London’s Wembley Stadium. “We have to take this opportunity, to take a turn, to make a better FIFA and work for football in a united way, in a positive way. This is the right moment to do that.” Inevitably, much of the reform promised by Infantino is of the structural variety, vital to the need to fix the organisation but unlikely to capture the imagination of those who follow football by buying season tickets or regularly handing over their hard-earned cash at the ticket office on matchday. Lionel Messi travels in style with his own luxury private jet. The However, an important gauge Barcelonaofwhetherstar has a private jet that was designed for him and his Infantino is likely to be successfulfamily,isprovidedandboasts a number of incredible features. The tail of the by those who backed him. Unsurprisingly,planehastheit number 10, while the steps feature his family’s names. was some of the big names inThethe jetEuropeanincludes its very own kitchen, has two bathrooms and can game who came out with the seatmost16fulsomepeople. The chairs can also be folded and turned into eight support, with Fabio Capello andbeds.JoseMessiMourinhodoesnot own the plane itself, but rather leases it. among Infantino’s high-profileNonetheless,backers. Messi is enjoying his jet-set lifestyle. Mourinho was enthusiastic in his support of Infantino. “I think he’s very capable, very IT’S THE DEALERSHIP THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE 12 Carrier Drive, Toronto, ON, M9V 2C1 (On Highway 27 just south of the 407) Call 416-741-6221 THE TIME HE CALLED CRISTIANO RONALDO A ‘SLAVE’ In 2008, Blatter pulled his foot out of his mouth long enough to suggest that Manchester Utd’s desire to keep Cristiano Ronaldo from joining Real Madrid was tantamount to Yes, you read that correctly. In Sepp’s eyes, an international megastar who gets paid upwards of €250,000 per week to do his dream job is comparable to a slave. Unless Madrid start making Ronaldo build a pyramid as Florentino Perez whips him while dressed as a Pharoah, this is not a good parallel. GOING THROUGH HOOPS “MODERN SLAVERY.” THE TIME HE TALKED ABOUT SCRAPPING THE OFFSIDE RULE In 2010, Blatter was inspired by a conversation with his hockey equivalent Leandro Negre to suggest It was abolished in hockey in the nineties, and Blatter assumed its success could be translated to the beautiful game. As you can imagine, absolutely no one else at FIFA agreed. SCRAPPING THE OFFSIDE RULE. THE TIME HE CHOSE QATAR TO HOST A WORLD CUP. “Of course, it was a mistake. You know, one makes a lot of mistakes in life. The technical report indicated clearly that it was too hot in summer, but despite that the executive committee decided with quite a big majority that the tournament would be in Qatar.” Well, we’re all human aren’t we Sepp? We all make mistakes. This one isn’t your mistake though, of course. No. Of course not. Come and enjoy the best of Modern Italian Cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere. THE TIME WHEN HE LET ALL OF THE CORRUPTIONS AND BRIBERIES HAPPEN. MESSI ONLY LEASES JET Here is just one of the many: Former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner was revealed to be the recipient of over £720k in bribes from a company controlled by a former Qatari football official. Jack Warner’s sons also received payments in the hundreds of thousands. 755 The Queensway Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1M8 Tel: 416- 253- 9207 S360 71

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