Al­ways be thank­ful for what we have

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Oc­to­ber is a nat­u­ral time to re­flect on why we are thank­ful. It’s an ideal time to re­flect on our lives and take note of what’s awe­some and also where we’d like to do some work. Check in with your­self. Are you fo­cused on your goals and the fu­ture or are you stuck on the what-ifs and the woes?

Our brains are like a ra­dio sta­tion. Do you give more air­time to the prob­lems or so­lu­tions?

What could go wrong or the ideal sit­u­a­tion? Have you ever no­ticed how one makes you feel pos­i­tive and one makes you neg­a­tive?

We need to re­mind our­selves that from ev­ery dis­ap­point­ment comes a new ideal sit­u­a­tion. A lot of peo­ple don’t al­low them­selves to let go and move to­ward the best-case sce­nario; we have trained our­selves to de­fault to­ward the neg­a­tive.

Why do we do that when there’s so much to be thank­ful for? Our abil­ity to turn a prob­lem into an ideal is our most pow­er­ful mus­cle. This is our op­por­tu­nity to choose ver­sus re­act.

It is up to us to choose how we will let our cir­cum­stances af­fect us. We can be vic­tim­ized and choose the neg­a­tive path or we can em­brace a pos­i­tive out­look. The con­di­tions around us will match how we feel inside. We are all guilty of wait­ing for our condi- tions to match our de­sires. It’s time to flip that no­tion on its head.

For ex­am­ple, I tell my­self that when I get a six pack, I will feel happy. But what hap­pens when I get the six pack? Will I be happy for­ever? No. So, it’s re­ally not the six pack I’m seek­ing, but rather the feel­ing of hap­pi­ness I’ll have when I achieve my goal.

Fo­cus on the feel­ing you want and strate­gize ways to get there. There is more than one way to find hap­pi­ness. The whole idea is that our goals are ac­tu­ally the feel­ings that we want. Ask your­self: “How can I like my body now? How can I feel con­fi­dent now?”

You are not in your ex­cuses when you’re ac­tively seek­ing what you de­sire. Any when you get it, you’ll be oh so thank­ful.


Fo­cus on what makes you feel good and move for­ward with that in mind. Wind­sor na­tive Jill Payne is an en­ergy-pos­i­tive, highly trained mo­ti­va­tional speaker and trainer. Her unique pro­grams push in­di­vid­u­als and cor­po­ra­tions to dime all day long. For more about her per­sonal and cor­po­rate coach­ing pro­grams, visit jill­

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