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In one word psy­chic medium Shawn Leonard sums up why he does what he does — and es­sen­tially why peo­ple seek him out. Con­nect­ing with spir­its on the other side may seem like a spooky ca­reer path to many, but for Leonard it is the most nat­u­ral thing in the world to help griev­ing peo­ple con­nect with loved ones who have passed on.

The Dart­mouth-based Abo­rig­i­nal medium is known Canadaw­ide and since em­brac­ing his path full-time four years ago, his life is a non-stop whirl­wind of pri­vate read­ings, sold-out live shows, on­line teach­ing, film­ing a po­ten­tial TV pi­lot and even re­cently pub­lish­ing a book — The Language of Spirit (Bal­boa Press). Leonard has a sold-out show in Chezzetcook on Nov. 10, and a nearly sold-out show in Wolfville on Dec. 7.

Leonard’s path to be­com­ing a medium and help­ing peo­ple con­nect with spir­its was a wind­ing road, which he out­lines in his book. After his fa­ther passed as a teenager, he came to Leonard in a dream, kick­start­ing a life that has been in­ter­wo­ven with spir­its ever since — but one that was not easy as he tried to nav­i­gate what hav­ing th­ese gifts meant.

“Every­body has a jour­ney, when you are fol­low­ing your path, it’s like fol­low­ing the bread crumbs, things just line up,” says Leonard. “Some­times even when things are go­ing wrong, they are go­ing right. Not all road­blocks are road­blocks, they are giv­ing you a nudge in the right di­rec­tion.”

The bulk of Leonard’s work has al­ways come from his per­sonal read­ings with peo­ple. Word of mouth spread over the last 20 years, since he did his first read­ing in Cal­gary.

“I never set a goal and said OK I’m go­ing to be a psy­chic medium, it’s some­thing that hap­pened to me. I was skep­ti­cal in the be­gin­ning, see­ing and hear­ing things. I thought I was go­ing a lit­tle crazy,” says Leonard.

In his book, Leonard out­lines the se­ries of events in page-turn­ing de­tail, which led him to re­al­ize he had a the ca­pa­bil­ity to talk to the other side. He re­al­ized through this process that he was learn­ing what seemed like a whole new language, a language of en­ergy that brings him knowl­edge through see­ing, hear­ing and feel­ing things from spir­its. This is where the name for his book came from.

Leonard uses this language to hear from peo­ple’s loved ones and he is known for pick­ing up on in­for­ma­tion that no other liv­ing be­ing could know, es­sen­tially val­i­dat­ing to his clients that it is truly their loved ones com­ing through.

“By what peo­ple tell me, the val­i­da­tion helps them let go of the fear of be­ing dis­con­nected from those peo­ple that they love.”

There are nu­mer­ous sto­ries in his book de­scrib­ing in­stances with clients that cap­ture the imag­i­na­tion. Over the years, Leonard has been asked how this gift works and if he is ac­costed by spir­its in his reg­u­lar ev­ery­day ac­tiv­i­ties, much like peo­ple have seen on TLC’S TV show, Long Is­land Medium with Theresa Ca­puto. He says for the most part he is able to keep the spirit world out of his ev­ery­day, mun­dane tasks.

“Does it slip through some­times? Yes. Do I run around chas­ing peo­ple at Wal­mart? No,” he laughs.

He adds that many peo­ple are con­nect­ing with the spir­its of their loved ones all the time, signs and sym­bols may come through to them. In his own life he says the spirit of his fa­ther is shown to him through blue­jays and their feath­ers, com­ing across them in all sorts of sce­nar­ios and un­usual places. He says he hears this from many of his clients as well.

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Dart­mouth-based psy­chic medium, Shawn Leonard, will con­nect with a sold- out au­di­ence in Chezzetcook on Nov. 10, fol­low­ing up with an­other live show in Wolfville on Dec. 7.

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