How to choose the right skates

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Skat­ing is a sim­ple and af­ford­able way of ini­ti­at­ing the en­tire fam­ily into win­ter sports. All that’s re­quired for this ac­tiv­ity is a good pair of skates. Here are a few tips for find­ing the right pair for you.

1. Re­quire­ments

Choose the right skates for your re­quire­ments; there are skates de­signed for hockey, fig­ure skat­ing, speed skat­ing, and recre­ational skat­ing. Also, be­cause they are much eas­ier to use, ex­perts rec­om­mend boys’ skates for young girls who are not in­ter­ested in fig­ure skat­ing.

2. Qual­ity

Com­fort should al­ways be the main fea­ture of the skates you choose. Above all, be sure that they’ll keep your feet warm. In ad­di­tion, skates for play­ing hockey should be rigid in or­der to pro­vide good sup­port for the an­kles. 3. Size

Are the skates the right size? Stand up when try­ing them on; your toes shouldn’t touch the front of the skates. If they do, they are too small. If you have to wear more than one pair of socks, they’re too big. Your heel should fit snugly against the boot when it’s laced up. In the store, take the time to try sev­eral dif­fer­ent mod­els and sizes in or­der to find the right pair. Ex­perts rec­om­mend that chil­dren’s skates should be ex­actly the right size, even though their feet grow quickly and a new pair will prob­a­bly be nec­es­sary next sea­son.

Car­ing for skates

Dry the blades of your skates after ev­ery use and use blade pro­tec­tors. Blades need to be sharp­ened on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, prefer­ably after ev­ery five out­ings for those who skate out­side, and after ev­ery 10 ses­sions for those who skate in are­nas, where the ice is softer.

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