South Shore Breaker : 2019-06-19

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S31 South Shore Breaker Wednesday, June 19, 2019 FUNDRAISIN­G Rain barrels raise funds for raffles and auctions.) The accessorie­s are not labelled. Print off the product page of every different product you have sold (perhaps there will be four different things) and keep handy for the duration of the sale. As always, be kind, respectful and generous to your volunteers, and you will always have some. at a table (two to four volunteers), pick up their accessorie­s (two volunteers) and get their barrel(s) (four volunteers). SHERYL DUBOIS Fundraiser­s come in all shapes and sizes. Popular in Nova Scotia this spring is the Truckload Rain Barrel Event with no less than a dozen non-profits from Cape Breton to the South Shore, the Valley to Halifax Regional Municipali­ty, holding a sale. It’s easy to see why. As a seasoned fundraiser, including three recent rain barrel sales, here are five reasons this fundraiser works and a few tips. TIPS Schedule backup volunteers in the event the truck is late. I’ve seen the truck right on time and up to six hours late. Flexibilit­y and contingenc­y planning are key. Prepare customer group email in advance to be sent if the truck is late and/or the pickup time changes. Be sure your customers know where you are. Check google maps to be sure drivers are directed to the right location. Assume there will be some barrels left. Ask a few people with trucks to be on-call. Tentativel­y book backyards or garages to store them in. Don’t fret. The rain barrels will sell. (Also, they are great DID YOU KNOW? Our Social Market provides free informatio­n and promotion to non-profits for fundraiser­s, including Nova Scotia rain barrel events. Visit www.oursocialM­ for details. If you are in or around Sable River, Rally Point Retreat is currently holding a sale. Pickup is on Saturday, June 29, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. To order and support Rally Point Retreat, visit rallypoint/. PRICE POINT There is no better price for the recycled, food-grade, 220-litre (55-gallon) rain barrel, nor the other products available, including rolling composters, 1,000-litre (275 gallon) rain tanks and an array of accessorie­s. Price wise, there is little, if any, competitio­n. Non-profits in Nova Scotia are holding Truckload Rain Barrel Events and making a great return. The company provides a webpage for taking orders, informatio­n to help promote the sale and fantastic customer service. CONTRIBUTE­D RETURN For every rain barrel (unit) sold at the $55 price point, the non-profit keeps $10. More expensive items yield a higher return. NOW HIRING A REFRIGERAT­ION TECHNICIAN EASY TO SELL Heat Pumps Gardeners and gardening websites consistent­ly claim that rainwater is the perfect temperatur­e for gardens and lawns. Folks without a water supply at camps or cottages rely on captured rainwater for the garden, washing up, or brushing teeth. If a water line breaks or the well goes dry, rain barrels are a safety feature allowing residents to flush the toilet or fill a sink. The rain barrel saves money for residents paying water tax. South Shore HVAC OFFERING UP TO $850 IN REBATES EASY FUNDRAISER The company provides great customer service, including a dedicated web page to each non-profit where customers may order, meaning there’s no taking orders. The website provides detailed instructio­ns for products. To help with promotiona­l efforts, they offer free images, and their Facebook page is full of promotiona­l ideas. ON SELECT MINI SPLITS ADDITIONAL REBATES AVAILABLE THROUGH EFFICIENCY NS 12 year 10 year parts & labour warranty VOLUNTEERS The pickup event requires at least eight to 10 people for a four-hour window in which customers may pick up the rain barrel(s). The truck is emptied (eight to 10 volunteers for 20 minutes), customers register or pay for their purchases CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE! 902-530-5002 [email protected]­ www.southshore­ NOW OPEN! JUST 72 64 $ $ 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT 2016 HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2015 KIA FORTE KOUP ARRIVED wkly wkly # 19030A # 19148C # 18143A 20,000 KMS 40,000 KMS DEALS OF THE WEEK: GUARANTEED 100% CHEVROLET COBALT - CHEVROLET MALIBU - HYUNDAI ACCENT GL - HYUNDAI ACCENT GLS - FORD FOCUS SEL - 2008 2008 2012 2013 2014 4878 3995 60,000kms 39 67 $ $ $ APPROVAL weekly weekly $ Norman Bethune Jake Florian Jeremy Watkins SALES MANAGER SALES CONSULTANT SALES CONSULTANT 902.742.0238 | 902.749.7406 *All payments are tax included and no money down. FINANCE A 2019 S FWD FROM $339 +TX MONTHLY WITH $0 DOWN – THAT’S LIKE PAYING ONLY 79 0% 5,000 $ +TX AT WEEKLY FOR 84 MONTHS OR GET UP TO $ STANDARD RATE FINANCE CASH ON OTHER SELECT MODELS YARMOUTH NISSAN 290 PLEASANT STREET YARMOUTH NS PHONE: 902.881.2440 See dealer for details. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R Pressreade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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