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“She was instrument­al in the success of Langille’s. No question.”

Mary is still the one scheduling service calls with Langille’s customers and notes that they have been very loyal. She loves Rhyno’s planned service and was actually part of its creation with Harry Rhyno several years ago. She is pleased that it can now be offered to Langille’s customers.

In 1975, Harry and Sharon Rhyno started an appliance and refrigerat­ion business in Riverport. Harry was always humming. He loved his work and was known for his integrity. If someone called, Harry would always fit them in. If he said he was going to do something, he always did it. Everybody knew Harry Rhyno and knew they could depend on good service.

In 2010, Jayme took over the company and those core values ring true to this day. “They are the seeds that were planted early on – to act with integrity, honour your word, and customize your solutions to meet the customer’s needs,” Jayme says. “Like Gilbert and Paul Langille, the belief that if you can stand behind the quality of your product and the assurance that it will last, allows you the ability to serve the customer well.”

Both Harry and Gilbert were sticklers for customer service. The companies they establishe­d so many years ago set the standards and principles that are being carried forward today. With the merger, it has been a big responsibi­lity to take on two well-establishe­d names. That responsibi­lity has

been overshadow­ed by the excitement of how fortunate it is to inherit these legacies and what that means to the community.

“HVAC/R and plumbing have exponentia­lly grown since we came together in 2020 – the possibilit­ies for the future are exciting, and the union of the two companies has created a one-stop shop,” Jayme says with pride. “It’s opened doors to doing multi-trade and multi-phased larger projects.”

Rhyno’s is thankful that Paul was onboard for the last two years. They are grateful for his commitment to helping to bring the teams together and

for sharing his years of experience and skills. He can retire knowing his people are well cared for and the customers will continue to receive the quality service he was known for.

“I’ve been working full time for 42 years,” says Paul. “When I was running the business, I was working 70 hours a week and then doing pricing at home. Since the merger, I’ve been working 45 hours a week, and now I’m going to maybe 5 hours a week. I’ve told them I’m just a phone call away. I have always loved the work. And I know I’m going to miss talking to customers and having conversati­ons with the staff, making them laugh when things get too serious. But it’s time.”

Gilbert adds, “We were very pleased that Paul was willing to take over and then buy the business in 1997 and keep the Langille’s name going. Our reputation was built upon value, and I feel confident that Langille’s legacy will continue as long as the value of the two companies merging is promoted. We will miss Paul not being involved.”

At the moment, Paul is looking forward to enjoying the summer. He’s always been active and having the luxury of time to get out on the jet boat, jet ski, and motorbike will be a welcome change. In September, he will be taking a trip across Newfoundla­nd in his side-by-side – a retirement bucket list item.

Everyone is welcome to join us on Friday, April 29, from 1-5 pm at Rhyno’s, located at 250 North Street, for a familystyl­e BBQ to celebrate the two-year anniversar­y of this successful merger and the retirement of Paul Langille.

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? If you’re looking for Paul this summer, there is a good chance he’ll be out on the water.
CONTRIBUTE­D If you’re looking for Paul this summer, there is a good chance he’ll be out on the water.

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