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Mother’s Day gifts guaranteed to please

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Every May, I look forward to seeing how my three boys will spoil me on Mother's Day. Like all moms, I work hard every day of the year, so it means a lot to have a day where my kids show appreciati­on for all my efforts. It's fun to have a turn being the one who gets pampered and taken of care of.

Three of my favourite Mother's Day gifts are the gift of time, the gift of food and gifts that are handmade by my children. If you want to make your special lady feel spoiled this year, any of these ideas are sure to make her feel happy and celebrated.

Moms are overworked, so the gift of time is always appreciate­d. I love the rare occasion that I have time to put my feet up (with a glass of wine or coffee) while I read a book or watch a movie.

The key to making sure mom feels relaxed is to make sure you take over some of the tasks that keep her busy. Create a tranquil space by cleaning, doing laundry, stocking the fridge and planning

out the day's meals.

Of course, food is a wonderful way to show love. Breakfast in bed is a traditiona­l favourite, and it's even more special if you get a little creative.

Why not create a tray of food that spells out the word “love”? Use bacon for the “L”, a donut or bagel for the “O”, a pancake or piece of French toast cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter for the “V”, and fruit arranged in the shape of an “E”.

Sweet treats are also fantastic, especially if they are made by kids. Dig out mom's favourite cookie recipe, bake it and serve it with her favourite beverage.

Alternativ­ely, a “bouquet” of edible goodies is fun too. Attach Timbits or chocolate bars to skewers to create edible flowers. Then, insert the treats into a vase or wrap them in tissue paper. Cute and delicious.

Handmade gifts are also a unique way to celebrate mom. Over the years, my favourite gifts have been the handmade cards and trinkets my boys have made for me.

Young children can make simple cards, draw pictures, paint rocks, cover picture frames in buttons and create handprint artwork.

Is there anything cuter than a child's handprint?

Older children can create more sophistica­ted handmade gifts. Heartfelt drawings and paintings make delightful gifts.

I also like the idea of creating a picture using materials from nature. Years ago, my oldest son made a picture of the two of us using sticks and rocks glued to a piece of canvas, and I absolutely love it.

Adult children can opt for something simple, such as gift certificat­es for pampering or gift cards for a favourite restaurant. However, handmade gifts from crafty adult children can be meaningful and unique.

Handmade wreaths, personaliz­ed cookie jars, or wooden bead garlands with tassels are all wonderful options.

Regardless of how you decide to spoil your special lady this year, I hope it includes lots of love and time together. Happy Mother's Day!

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? Gina Bell loves getting gifts that are handcrafte­d by her kids.
CONTRIBUTE­D Gina Bell loves getting gifts that are handcrafte­d by her kids.
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