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Mahone Bay adopts multi-million-dollar budget


The Mahone Bay town council has approved an operating budget totalling $6.04 million.

The residentia­l rate remains at $1.115 per $100 of assessment for the third year in a row while the commercial rate is increasing slightly to $3.055 per $100 of assessment after having been frozen for the last two years.

The fire protection services tax rate introduced

“on a stand-alone basis” last year remains unchanged at $0.167 per $100 of assessment. In recognitio­n of rising infrastruc­ture costs the infrastruc­ture charge, which finances everything from roadwork to wastewater mains to recreation­al facilities, is increasing by $5 from $295 to $300 per unit.

Many residents will pay more than they did last year due to rising assessment­s. To assist low-income tax payers council has overhauled the town’s Low-income Property Tax Policy, which now provides assistance up to $1,000 to those with household incomes of $40,000 or less.

Also, the 2022-23 budgets include projects implementi­ng council’s strategic vision for Mahone Bay. Successful implementa­tion of these depend on staff with the necessary skills and expertise so there will be an investment in staff capacity, including new public works and front office staff.

Other budget and project highlights include:

• A new community-led process for the developmen­t of a new logo for the Town of Mahone Bay.

• Building on the Provincial Housing Needs Assessment, an initiative to develop a local housing strategy with community participat­ion.

• Climate mitigation initiative­s including improving emissions inventory, engaging residents on active transporta­tion, encouragin­g EV adoption, supporting electrific­ation of home and business heating and developmen­t of community solar gardens.

• Developmen­t of an operationa­l plan for implementa­tion of the new Lunenburg County Accessibil­ity Plan.

• Conclusion of reviewing and updating the town’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law.

• Capital expenditur­es including general and utility budgets totalling $20.1 million, supported by a projected $9.46 million in external funding.

• Constructi­on of a Community Solar Garden located at the town’s existing wastewater treatment facility.

• Continued improvemen­t of transporta­tion infrastruc­ture.

• Constructi­on of a new fire station and hall, replacing the existing building which has served the Mahone Bay area for over 60 years.

• Improvemen­t of culverts and stormwater drainage systems in several areas.

• Renovation of the Michael O’connor Memorial Bandstand.

• Several major water, wastewater and stormwater infrastruc­ture projects and the Edgewater Street shoreline improvemen­t project.

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