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Municipali­ty begins work on solar garden project


The Municipali­ty of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Alternativ­e Resource Energy Authority (AREA) to work on a potential solar garden constructi­on next to the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre on Mullock Road.

The solar garden is a project of the MODL, while AREA will be managing the build. It will be owned by MODL, and the community will receive benefits from the solar garden.

The solar garden project is part of the Provincial Community Solar Program, expected to be launched in late 2023 or early 2024. MODL is currently conducting the necessary studies for the applicatio­n process, which include site selection analysis, geotechnic­al study and a preliminar­y engineerin­g and design assessment.

If the project receives approval, MODL will own the solar garden and sell energy to Nova Scotia Power Inc. through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Residents of the municipal partners involved (other partners yet to be confirmed) will have the first option to subscribe to the project. Subscripti­on space after that will be available to residents across Nova Scotia. Solar subscripti­ons for community members provide citizens with an accessible and inclusive alternativ­e to rooftop solar.

“The future of the municipali­ty shines brighter today as we take a bold step towards sustainabl­e energy. Our partnershi­p with AREA for the constructi­on of the solar garden near the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre is a testament to our commitment to a greener, more resilient community,” says Mayor Carolyn Bolivarget­son. “This project will not only power our homes but also empower our residents with a renewable energy solution. Together, we’re harnessing the power of the sun for a brighter tomorrow.”

Once approved, site developmen­t work such as design, procuremen­t, constructi­on and other government processes will take approximat­ely two years.

Residents wishing to learn more can visit https://engage.­n-project.

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