Rough rides ex­pe­ri­enced on stretch­ers and am­bu­lances

The Southwest Booster - - OPINION - Irene Ben­der Swift Cur­rent

Edi­tor: Who has rid­den in an Am­bu­lance?

My sis­ter had a badly in­fected ap­pen­dix and they took her to Her­bert and they sent her on to Moose Jaw in the am­bu­lance. She said it was a ride to hell and back and she said they must have driven over ev­ery rock pile be­tween Her­bert and Moose Jaw.

If she had died, they would have said, “Too bad she didn’t make it,” not that it was the ride that may have killed her.

I asked why is it so rough and ev­ery­one says, “Oh, the am­bu­lance is built on a truck chas­sis.”

Oh? What about the stretcher?

There are thou­sands of semis out there and I won­der how many driv­ers there would be out there if they had to sit on a stretcher ev­ery mile they drove, and there are thou­sands of farm­ers rid­ing in trac­tors. I won­der how many would like to ride on a stretcher.

It is so sad to think that we put a man on the moon but can’t build a bet­ter stretcher. I’d like to take all the politi­cians and all the med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als and put them in an am­bu­lance in Her­bert and take them to Moose Jaw, but first I’d give them a good dose of lax­a­tive.

I’m sure that by the time we got to Moose Jaw there would be some changes.

It just makes me so sad to think that no one seems to care. Would ev­ery one who has had a bad ride in an am­bu­lance please write in?

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