Cor­po­rate em­ployee tax cred­its an un­nec­es­sary bur­den

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Edi­tor: As re­ported in the Regina Leader Post on May 12, the Wall Gov­ern­ment has granted a $100,000 tax credit for ev­ery new em­ployee some large cor­po­ra­tions (e.g. Potash Cor­po­ra­tion of Saskatchew­an) place in a new high-rise build­ing un­der con­struc­tion in Regina. That new high-rise will be their head of­fice.

Since when did it be­come the re­spon­si­bil­ity of Saskatchew­an tax­pay­ers to pay the salaries of cor­po­rate em­ploy­ees?

I can only won­der who dreamt up this lat­est cor­po­rate largesse. It had to be the cor­po­ra­tions them­selves or the Wall Gov­ern­ment.

Potash Corp is al­ready pay­ing only a minute amount for the Saskatchew­an potash re­sources it sells. That in it­self is cor­po­rate largesse.

With the Wall Gov­ern­ment throw­ing tax­payer money at their cor­po­rate back­ers it makes sense there would be lit­tle left for other em­ploy­ees. What a con­trast be­tween Wall deal­ing with the cor­po­rate sec­tor and when he is deal­ing with pub­lic em­ploy­ees like teach­ers or health­care work­ers. Then, the cash box is locked up tight.

Keep­ing in mind, the work­ing poor in Saskatchew­an, when and if they ever get an in­crease in the min­i­mum wage it will be too late to meet all the cost of liv­ing in­creases they have had to en­dure.

When you think about it, this New Saskatchew­an is per­haps not re­ally that new.

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