55 Plus South West District Sum­mer Games re­sults

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Alarge con­tin­gent of South­west com­peti­tors won medals at the district level and earned the op­por­tu­nity to ad­vance to the Saskatchew­an Se­nior Fit­ness As­so­ci­a­tion’s 55+ Sum­mer Games in Hum­boldt last weekend. The South West District Games were hosted in Swift Cur­rent back on May 31, with win­ners de­cided in a num­ber of com­pe­ti­tions. The ob­jec­tive of the 55+ Games is to pro­mote ac­tive liv­ing, well­ness and par­tic­i­pa­tion in var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties. Win­ners front the South­west were:

BRIDGE: Gold – Kathleen East and John Cazekoff (Shau­navon) Sil­ver – Florence Rus­sell and Lor­raine Good (Maple Creek) Bronze – Don­alde Magowesky and Eliz Dahl (Maple Creek)

CRIB­BAGE Gold – Earl Wal­lace (Pen­nant) and Len Ni­choll (Tomp­kins) Sil­ver – Ken Reed and Gerry Sells (Gull Lake)

WHIST Gold – Alex Leisle and Ethel McMullen (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Kathy Sar­ti­son and Kathy Wan­ner (Swift Cur­rent) Bronze – Dar­lene Granger and Betty Gibson (Eye­brow)

SCRAB­BLE Gold – Mau­reen Keal (Moose Jaw) Sil­ver – Jean Ger­wing (Swift Cur­rent) Bronze – Yvonne Me­ha­gen (Swift Cur­rent)

LADIES GOLF 55-64 (Low Gross) Gold – Heather McEachern (Ha­zlet) Sil­ver – Norma Toney (Gull Lake) 55-64 (Low Net) Gold – Gwen Peter­son (Moose Jaw) 65-74 (Low Gross) Gold – Mur­ray Wiebe (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Glenys Wee­don (Ha­zlet) 75-80 (Low Gross) Gold – Doreen Dokken (Pen­nant) 80-84 (Low Gross) Gold – Jeanne Foss (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Elsie Tuelon (Swift Cur­rent)

MENS GOLF 65-74 (Low Net) Gold – Nor­man Lavoy (Shau­navon) Sil­ver – Eu­gene Black (Shau­navon) 75-79 (Low Net) Gold – Don An­der­son (Shau­navon) 55-64 (Low Gross) Gold – Don Peter­son (Moose Jaw) Sil­ver – (Prelate) Bronze – Mike Yate (Gull


Ped­er­sen Lake) 65-74 (Low Gross) Gold – John Gai­ley (Moose Jaw) 75-79 (Low Gross) Gold – Alex Cameron

(Moose Jaw)

80-84 (Low Gross) Gold – Wal­ter Yates (Gull Lake) 85+ (Low Gross) Gold – Ger­ald Leblanc (Grav­el­bourg) BOWL­ING (Scratch

Ladies) 55-64 Gold – Al­li­son Rain (Moose Jaw) 65-74 Gold – Caroll Wal­lace (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Max­ine John­son (Swift Cur­rent) 75-84 Gold – Al­fie Yol­land (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Denise Ben­jamin (Swift Cur­rent) Bronze – Jackie Lavi­o­lette (Swift Cur­rent) 85+ Gold – (Morse) BOWL­ING (POA Ladies) 65-74 Gold – Mar­ion Giver­haug (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver Lau­reen Schwartz


Schai­tel (Moose Jaw) Bronze – Lor­raine Gross (Moose Jaw) 75-84 Gold – Lu­cille Dun­mont (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Tina Carey (Swift Cur­rent) Bronze – Dag­ney Mar­shall (Moose Jaw) 85+ Gold – Rose Bien (Swift Cur­rent) BOWL­ING (Men’s Scratch) 65-74 Gold – Ken Mathers (Moose Jaw) 75-84 Gold – John Lavi­o­lette (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Doug Fer­gu­son (Ste­wart Val­ley)

BOWL­ING (Men’s POA) 55-64 Gold – Ger­ald (Moose Jaw) 65-74 Gold – Rod De­celle (Swift Cur­rent) 75-84 Gold – E. Roy Burns (Flintoff) Sil­ver – Rudy Friesen (Moose Jaw) TRACK & FIELD (South

west re­sults) Men’s 100 Me­tre (Age 60-68)

Schultz Gold – Dave Bau­mann (Tomp­kins) Men’s 50 Me­tre (Age 60-68) Gold – Dave Bau­mann (Tomp­kins) Men’s Long Jump (Age 55-59) Gold – Ja­son Mig­nault (Tomp­kins) Men’s Long Jump (Age 65-69) Gold – Dave Bau­mann (Tomp­kins) Men’s Dis­cuss Gold – Ja­son Mig­nault (Tomp­kins) Men’s Triple Jump Gold – Ja­son Mi­gault (Tomp­kins) Men’s Shot Put (Age 55-59) Gold – Ja­son Mi­gault (Tomp­kins) Men’s Shot Put (Age 65-69) Gold – Dave Bau­mann (Tomp­kins) Men’s Javelin (Age 55-59) Gold – Ja­son Mi­gault (Tomp­kins) Ladies 400 Me­tre (Age 70-74) Gold – Sher­rill Forsyth (Tomp­kins) Ladies Dis­cuss (Age 70-74) Gold – Is­abelle Sundby (Waldeck) Sil­ver – Sher­rill Forsyth (Tomp­kins) Ladies Shot Put (Age 70-74) Gold – Sher­rill Forsyth (Tomp­kins) Sil­ver Is­abelle (Waldeck) Ladies Javelin (Age 70-74) Gold – Sher­rill Forsyth (Tomp­kins) Sil­ver – Is­abelle Sundby (Waldeck)


Sundby Ladies Gold – Vi­vian Sedg­wick (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – Mar­garet Walker (Moose Jaw) Men’s Gold – Don Cave (Swift Cur­rent)

HORSE­SHOES Gold – Ja­cob Fehr (Swift Cur­rent) Sil­ver – John Ens (Swift Cur­rent) Bronze – (Hodgeville)



Nybo Gold – Don Swen­son (Moose Jaw) Sil­ver – San­dra Be­nal­lack (Gull Lake) Bronze – Ja­cob Fehr (Swift Cur­rent)

SHORT STORY Gold – San­dra Be­nal­lack (Gull Lake) Sil­ver – Carolyn Cooledge (Gull Lake)

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