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The elec­toral pic­ture in Saskatchew­an re­mains the same as it has for the last six months, with the Saskatchew­an Party with a solid lead.

Those are the find­ings from Main­street Re­search’s latest Ul­trapoll, a con­glom­er­a­tion of 10 provin­cial polls. The poll sur­veyed 695 Saskatchew­a­ni­ans be­tween March 20th and 22nd 2019. The poll has a mar­gin of er­ror of +/- 3.72% and is ac­cu­rate 19 times out of 20.

“Saskatchew­an vot­ers’ pref­er­ence re­mains sta­ble with a majority of vot­ers say­ing that they will vote for the Sask Party if an elec­tion were held to­day,” said Joseph An­golano, Vice Pres­i­dent of Main­street Re­search. “As has been the case for the last six months, the Sask Party have large leads in the all re­gions of Saskatchew­an.”

Among de­cided and leaning vot­ers, the Saskatchew­an Party led by Scott Moe has 55% (-0.8% since Main­street’s Jan­uary poll), while the NDP with Ryan Meili at the helm has 31.2% (-1.4%). The Lib­er­als with Naveed An­war have 4.9% (-1%), while Shawn Se­tyo and the Green Party have 4% (+1.8%).

The sur­vey also asked Saskatchew­an vot­ers if they had a favourable view of all four party leaders. Scott Moe - as with the previous three Main­street polls - has a strong net pos­i­tive rat­ing of +18.8%, while Ryan Meili has a neg­a­tive net rat­ing of -5.8%.

The full poll can be viewed at doc­u­ment/403576393/main­street-sk-29march201­9 Ed­i­tor:

Cam Dahl, Pres­i­dent of Ce­re­als Canada, says Canadian farm­ers have a sus­tain­abil­ity story to tell but they don’t cur­rently have the tools to tell their story in a co­her­ent way. (Ar­ti­cle Time for a Code of Prac­tice for grain pro­duc­tion, Page 6, March 28 South­west Booster.)

Maybe the story can’t be told in a co­her­ent way be­cause there is noth­ing sus­tain­able about modern agri­cul­ture. Re­ly­ing on oil to pro­duce, ship, process and pack­age our food is not sus­tain­able and con­trib­utes large amounts of air pol­lu­tion help­ing make us sick. Drain­ing wet­lands, the kidneys of the Earth, which are essential for clean­ing our most valu­able re­source, wa­ter, is not a sus­tain­able prac­tice. Spray­ing toxic chem­i­cals on our food, wip­ing out our bee pop­u­la­tion and pol­lut­ing our wa­ter is not sus­tain­able. Ar­ti­fi­cially prop­ping up the soil with fer­til­izer to deal with ex­hausted soil due to poor prac­tices, which also leaches into our wa­ter­ways cre­at­ing al­gae blooms and toxic con­di­tions, is not sus­tain­abil­ity. De­stroy­ing bio­di­ver­sity, nat­u­ral ecosys­tems and wildlife habi­tat is not sus­tain­able.

Modern agri­cul­ture has done noth­ing but de­stroy the land, air, and wa­ter mak­ing us all sick. There are sus­tain­able ways of liv­ing and pro­duc­ing food, but they are ig­nored be­cause they don’t pad the wal­lets of billionair­es.

In­for­ma­tion about restora­tion agri­cul­ture, per­ma­cul­ture, and food forest­ing should be part of ev­ery con­ver­sa­tion that deals with agri­cul­ture. We have all the knowl­edge we need to suc­ceed in building a vi­brant sus­tain­able world, but we need to im­ple­ment it.

The first step is to quit grasp­ing at straws and ad­mit­ting there is a se­ri­ous prob­lem, and no amount of tech­nol­ogy or wish­ful think­ing is go­ing to change that fact. The change from liv­ing as com­mu­ni­ties in har­mony with na­ture, to liv­ing as in­di­vid­u­als try­ing to con­trol na­ture has been a disaster for every­one. Let’s start a real story of sus­tain­abil­ity, health and hap­pi­ness. What are we wait­ing for?

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