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The best time for COVID immunizati­on is now


We’ve made great progress in immunizing the province, but we are far from complete. Now is the time to look for a clinic or pharmacy near you. Each immunized resident lowers the overall risk of additional outbreaks, severe sickness and death, as well as protecting yourself, your loved ones and your community.

We will continue to see COVID-19 transmissi­on over the summer and into the fall, particular­ly among unvaccinat­ed population­s. Variants of concern (VOC) – such as the Delta variant now spreading across the province – continue to develop, are more transmissi­ble than the original strain of COVID-19 and are potentiall­y more dangerous. The Delta variant spreads much quicker than the original strain, particular­ly among those who are not yet fully vaccinated which – at this time – are younger people in Saskatchew­an.

With school starting in just over a month it is also important to make sure that children aged 12-17 are fully immunized and protected as they head into classrooms. Residents must wait a minimum of 28 days between first and second doses, and it takes approximat­ely 14 days after the second dose for the body to reach maximum immunity. That means any child who has not yet received their first or second dose should do so immediatel­y to protect themselves, their friends, family and community.

Read the full news release on the Saskatchew­an Health Authority website: https://www. saskhealth­authority. ca/news-events/news/ covid-19-immunizati­on-update-july-29

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