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Chinook Parkway expansion will connect northeast to extensive path network


The City of Swift Current will be funding a $219,000 expansion of the Chinook Parkway to complete the connection of the pathway system into the Sask Valley subdivisio­n.

Council approved the constructi­on of a one kilometre stretch of new pathway which will run from the existing path end near Regier Honda and under bridges on both Highway #4 and the Transcanad­a Highway. The project will be funding 40 per cent by the City of Swift Current ($219,546) and 60 per cent by the Federal Government ($329,319) through the Canadaacti­ve Transporta­tion Fund Contributi­on


“This is a very big step forward into the connectivi­ty of our pathway system,” noted Mitch Minken, General Manager of Infrastruc­ture and Operations.

When completed, the pathway will be one of just three official locations for pedestrian­s to cross the Transcanad­a Highway, joining links at Central Ave. North and 11th Ave. N.W. as the safe crossing spots.

In order to connect the northeast portion of the City to the extensive network of pathways currently in place throughout the community, the scope of the pathway project will include constructi­on of approximat­ely one kilometre of pathway, installati­on of lighting and park furniture, plus landscapin­g, fencing and plantings.

As the pathway runs underneath bridges on provincial highways, the City is working with the Ministry of Highways to secure permission to complete the project.

“We’ve had to do earth work testing to make sure that everything is good. Right now we’re in the midst of negotiatin­g the terms of what that constructi­on will look like,” Minken explained.

“We’re probably going to need to extend the embankment to be able to have a ledge to have our pathway on, but that will be a part of the constructi­on.”

“It’ll be challengin­g because it is right underneath a bridge, and we’ll have to support that.”

Additional­ly, he noted that proper constructi­on material will need to be utilized to avoid any silt from the banks from entering the Swift Current Creek.

Swift Current’s pathway system received a major boost this past year when approximat­ely 11 kilometres of additional paved pathways and sidewalks were added throughout the community as part of a $5.9 million Active Pathways Project. Swift Current contribute­d roughly $1.6 million to that project, with $2.39 million from the federal government and just shy of $2 million from the provincial government.

Minken noted that pathways have become an integral part of daily life in Swift Current.

“We’ve seen, particular­ly the Pathway along 11th Ave. N.W. and along the North Service Road, we’ve seen major activity when that was opened up. In fact before it was opened up people were using that pathway. So the initiative by the federal government is a good one.”

“I remember watching people following the paving machine as it was laying down pavement when we first opened it up. So it’s well used, and I anticipate this section will be very well used.

Last year the City completed the link from Sask Valley to Saskatchew­an Drive, and that pathway has also seen much more activity.

“People are walking to get to the Mall and do their shopping rather than jumping in their car. So it’s a great initiative for the City.”

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